Reasons for CDR Rejection

5 Reasons Why CDR Gets Rejected by Engineers Australia

Did your CDR Get Rejected? Or Are you afraid that your CDR might get rejected? Then read this Article prepared by one of our Experts on why CDR get rejected, what common mistakes are done and how to prevent these mistakes from happening.

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is as you already know required by Engineers Australia in order to assess your skills and qualification. So applicants need to submit a high-quality report to illustrate their capabilities in their professional field. But even when you give extra care you may commit some common mistakes while writing CDR. And these mistakes may result in rejection of your CDR Report. CDR gets rejected when it is not written as per the requirement specified by Engineer’s Australia. Here is a list of common mistakes that applicants does while writing a CDR for applying for the Engineer Australia Skill Assessment.


1. Divide One Project into Two Career Episodes


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A lot of people make this mistake while writing Career Episodes. They divide the same project into two parts and include each part in each Career Episode. It is the requirement of Engineers Australia that you describe one full project in each Career Episode.

For example:  A Mechanical Engineer prepared his Career Episodes based on the projects done during seventh and eighth semester of his Engineering Course. These Project was about the design and simulation of the wind turbine.

The first Project was done, when he was in seventh semester. The Project was about collecting the data, preparing the literature review and the designing process of the wind turbine. Hence, he discussed about this project in his first Career Episode.

The second project was done in eighth semester. The project was to complete analysis of the designed wind turbine, testing of the wind turbine, modification in the wind turbine and finally the resulting design and simulation report. Thus, he wrote about this project in his second Career Episode.

Even though, these two project had separate marks and was done for different purpose during his academic period. For EA,  these projects are parts of one project since both the project was done to construct a wind turbine. The second part of the project was done based of the first part. So, EA consider this project as a single project that was done in two parts. And it should be discussed in only one Career Episode.


2. Writing Career Episode about Group Activity


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This is the most common mistake people does is describe how their group or team worked on the project, solved the problem and completed the projects. However, CDR is meant to assess your personal skill, not the teams. It assesses what you did in that project, what was your role and did you achieve it, how you worked on the team, your decision-making skills and so on. Hence, write your report in first person i.e. I, focus on what you (I) did personally rather then what your team (WE) did.

For Example:  A Mechanical Engineer discussed about the academic project done during his engineering study. The project was done in group and different part of the project was divided among the team members.

The team did a project regarding the design and simulation of the wind turbine. The works were divided as literature review, design calculation, design of the project, analysis of the project, modification of the project, and selection of components, fabrication of the project and finally testing or implementing the project. Among these task, the mechanical engineer was involved in following tasks:

  • Design of the project
  • Analysis of the project
  • Selection of the components
  • Testing or implementing of the project

So, he needed to describe his/her duties and responsibilities (design work, analysis, selection and testing) in his Career Episode rather than describing works (literature review, design calculation, design work, analysis, modification, fabrication, testing and implementation) done by group to complete the project.

For instance:

He wrote:

We did the design work in the designing software called Creo Parametric 2.0. We made use of various tools like lines, spline, extrude, sweep etc. for the design work. We did the design work in the software according to the mathematical calculation which we did for the design work.

He should have written:

I did the design work in the designing software called Creo Parametric 2.0. I made use of different tools in Creo like lines, spline, sweep, extrude etc. I did the design work in the software according to the mathematical calculation for the design. And the final design is shown in the figure.


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3. Plagiarism from Samples Available Online

Never do this. The CDR Sample provided by different sites is for reference. Engineers Australia use different software to find out plagiarized content. So, either you did it intentionally or unintentionally, you’ll get caught. So just read the sample, learn from it and write your Career Episode on your own Projects in a similar way as in CDR Sample.


Plagiarism From Samples Available Online - CDR writing services, CDR Writing, CDR for Australia,CDR Sample,Career Episode Report


4. CDR in Different Language

It is compulsory that you present you CDR report to Engineers Australia in English Language. It is better if you use Australian English and use it in a correct way. In case if you wrote your Career Episodes in another language, you need to translate your report to English language because EA might not be able to assess your CDR report because they are simply not able to understand it.


5. Grammatical, Spelling Errors and Report Formatting

When you present your CDR report to the EA, you are submitting an official document which is meant to be written by a professional. So, you must pay attention to its formatting, correctness of its spellings and grammar, and the flow of sentences in your CEs. People forget to check this part. Make sure that there is no spelling and grammar errors, formatting issues and mistakes in a flow of sentences. You are submitting your report as a professional so it should look like it has been written by a professional. These are small mistakes but this affects your assessment in a big way.

Here are some other reason for CDR getting rejected.

  • Use of Excessive Technical Details: It is okay to write some important Technical information on your projects but providing too many technical details like calculations, charts, tables, photos etc.  on every event of project degrades the quality of the report. A CDR should give to the point information rather than long and elaborated details that are tedious for readers.
  • Provide information on the bullet point: This is the common mistake done by a lot of People while preparing CDR. A lot of people present there valuable information like data in bullet points whilst it should be presented in paragraphs. It is one of the important requirement of Engineer’s Australia. So, explain your data and other information in paragraphs in a proper manner such that it is easily understandable.
  • No Mention of information like duration, location, company profile and project objective.You not only have to include this information but it should be present in chronological order. You must include this information in your Report.
  • Word Count: Engineers Australia has provided specific rules for the number of Words to be written in each section of CDR Report. Each Career episode must be more than 1000 words and shouldn’t exceed 2500 words. Providing Extra details and making career episodes long won’t help you to get a positive assessment. So, you need to choose essential data and information and present them in a way that it satisfies all the requirement of Engineer’s Australia
  • Not following the Structure of Report: While writing Career Episode, the first paragraph must be an introduction with around 50 words, next paragraph is background which can be from 200 to 500 words, the third paragraph is a body and main paragraph and at last summary of Career Episode is done in about 50-100 word. Learn more about CDR Guidelines here.
  • Not Mentioning Problem Statements: This is a very crucial part of CDR Project. Be sure to include problem statements in your CEs and mention the steps you took to solve them. The project details you were involved with and what exactly you did in the project should form the main part of your Career Episode.
  • No details about Design Activity: Design activities are given high priority in CDR assessment. Lack of designing experience may be a hindrance for your CDR getting assessed positively. Hence, explain any creative engineering and technological experience regarding designing activities you have and make sure to highlight it.



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I was rejected due to the fact that I wrote holistically in the engineering activities section of all career episodes. This checklist is quite good

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