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IMAREST CEng - Chartered Engineers UK Council

The IMAREST is the International participation body and society for marine experts working in the field of Marine Engineering, science or innovation. It has registered status in the U.K. It has a membership with more individuals situated in 120 Countries. IMAREST is an authorized body of Engineering Council UK. This organization plans to advance the scientific improvement and development of marine engineers, science and innovation. It additionally distributes books, periodicals, diaries and papers based on marine engineering, science and Technology.

If you are Applying for CEng/CmarEng Registration

If you think you meet the criteria for CEng/CMarEng registration, complete an online application and make sure your application consists of the following crucial elements.
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Application Form

A completed application form signed by your referee is an important document you need for registration.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also another important criteria for the resgistration procedure.

Academic Certificates

You need to have all your academic certificates to show the photo copies of them to the Engineering Council.

CPD Record

You need a professional development report such as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Make Sure your Report gets Accepted by the EA

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How to become a Certified Chartered Engineer

Consider the guidelines required for registration as a Chartered Engineer by reading the significant area inside the UK-SPEC and choose whether these concerns (you ought to discuss this with your line manager or another registered engineer).

If you are prepared to apply, download our Applicants Short Guide to Registrations and Initial Application Form and follow the process illustrated in the guide. All applicants for registration as a Chartered Engineer must be members of a professional body, for example, the Institute of Water.
As part of your application you will be asked to produce a copy of your CPD record. Institute of Water members have exclusive access to our online CPD platform to support you in the recording and presenting.
As a major aspect of your application you will be delivered a copy from your CPD record. Institute of Water individuals have selected admittance to our online CPD stage to help you in the recording and presenting.

Types of IMAREST Membership


Fellows are the classification of the part who has been shown as per the general inclination of board through the level of information, competency and commitment to predominant obligation regarding the executives of work in a marine-related profession.


Members are classifications of individuals who are said to fulfill the chamber through accomplishing a situation in the marine part for 5 Years. The Professional conduct commits them.

Associate Member:

They are members who are said to fulfill the gathering by accomplishing the situation for a useful part in the marine sector. They should deliver a responsibility by the Institute’s code of professional conduct.

Types of Non-Corporate Membership


Affiliates are people who are interested in the activities of the Institute in the decisions of the council and also contribute to the technical services of the Institute.


Students are members who are enrolled in a Programme or recognised by the IMAREST.


In addition to the membership, IMAREST has a permit to give a scope of expert registers under the fields of Engineering, Science and Technology. Additionally, IMAREST invigorates the Institute to satisfy the particular needs of the marine profession.


To remain qualified for CEng status, it is important to show a demo of professional competency and responsibility. There are different ways to meet the requirements.

Get ready for CENG

In the event that you are building up the abilities of CENG, you need to think about the Incorporated Engineer registration. This allows one to appreciate the advantages of registering for the career.

Awards and qualifications

In the event that you become a member of IMAREST, you can appreciate different scopes of Professional improvement openings. You will go to instructional classes, gatherings to help your specialized information through the virtual library.

IMAREST Membership Categories

IMAREST has many membership categories which give freedom to people to choose a profession under IMAREST.
  • Commercial Shipping
  • Biotechnology.
  • Ship design, construction, and maintenance and decommissioning.
  • Defense and Naval Engineering
  • Marine renewable
  • Marine Engineering Systems
  • Marine security
  • Power and propulsion
  • Natural hazards
  • Navigation and communication
  • Offshore oil and gasYou
  • Marine environment and Pollution
  • Coastal and shelf seas
  • Marine surveyors

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CEng UK Council
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