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    IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) | IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    IEPNG is an Institution of Engineers (engineering body) in Papua New Guinea that conducts competency-based assessment (CBA). Presently, they don’t follow typical abilities appraisal instead of a competency-based assessment system (CBAS). So, there will be a lot of inquiries in your brain about what CBA is.. on the other hand, what is IEPNG? Try not to stress! Request help from CDR Writers Australia -A designing competency assessment report (ECR) composing specialist co-op to engineers in Papua New Guinea (PNG). We compose CBA (competency-based evaluation) according to given rules by the Institution of Engineers. They check the competency level of designers to determine whether they are fit or not as specialized officials and country or exile engineers. So before preparing this IEPNG evaluation application, you ought to know about the below queries.

    • What is the validity period?
    • How to write a Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) 
    • Who will take up the Competency-Based Assessment?
    • What is a Competency-Based Assessment System (CBAS)?
    • What are the steps and processes that are involved with CBA?


    There are three types of CBA in order to register IEPNG


    Here, it is checked proof given by the applicant against the standard. So it is being said that notice is just those which can be provided if an individual requests for the same.


    Here candidate assessor discusses how and what can be collected to judge standard


    In this section, candidates can be assessed based on criteria given or industry standards.

    Prepare your Competency-Based Assessment (CBA) to Ensure Positive Outcomes

    Competency-Based Assessment (CBS) is a kind of evaluation measure where applicants are simply checked and tried if an engineer is:

    • Qualified in building with a Washington Accord capability and if not an equal capability that is acknowledged by IEPNG.
    • Or if not, then based on the competency report provided; an assessment can be made to determine if the engineer has the knowledge required to perform complex engineering tasks in their field.
    • Engineering Information 
    • Engineering Competency Report


    Who Are Eligible to Apply in CBA for IEPNG?

    There are four basic principles of assessment they are: Fair, Flexible, Valid and Reliable. Following are eligible to apply in CBA for IEPNG

    • Registered professional engineers- who are Fellows of the Institution or Members
    • Engineering professionals- Companions, Graduate Members, Students and Technicians
    • Engineering technologist registers
    • Engineering Technician Register

    CDR Writers Australia provides CBA services to register in IEPNG

    We work as per the CBA Competency-Based Assessment

    Evidence-based CBA: In this type, the proof is checked against principles put against standards submitted by the competitor. Along these, refer to those which can be demonstrated when required by the authority.

    Participatory CBA: This type of CBA includes the candidate and evaluator for the conversation of information accumulated to decide on the analytical variability of the standard.

    Criterion-Referenced CBA: In this type, applicants are evaluated on the basis of the given criteria or standards of the industry.

    We have a team of engineers who are highly qualified and passed the competency-based assessment already, and registered. 


    Duties of Professional Engineers in IEPNG Papua New Guinea

    • investigate and examine appropriate info utilizing quantifiable and top-quality techniques.
    • Recommend answers for the basic issues identified with engineering according to better proficient engineering practice.
    • Admits duty for his/ her activities of engineering.
    • Create schedules, arrange, and control the progress of the project to submit quantified consequences within the stipulated time period
    • Progresses management of risk policies and procedures to handle hazards and safety through construction and cycles of product life
    • Understand codes of ethics of IEPNG and/or CPEng
    • Deliberate and consider probable social, enlightening, and environmental influences and accesses where suitable
    • Grows identification and utilizes lively skills of listening when collaborating with others
    • Determines a function of our growing and evolving information and ability.
    • Accomplice recognizes his/her ability to take a shot at the total judgment of professional engineering.
    • Sustain the exchange of his or her familiarity and capabilities of professional engineering.
    • Understand and apply appropriate information on Engineering.
    • Follow the superior engineering needs suitably functioning inside the command in which they perform

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    Steps In preparation of CBA

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