What should be the ideal length of CDR report for your Skill Assessment?

length of CDR report

Skill Assessment for graduates who want to migrate to Australia for a permanent residence opportunity. Skill Assessment is taken by Engineers Australia, an official organization responsible for inviting migrants who are skilled to come to work here in Australia with bigger employment opportunity. Engineering graduates who have completed their course work from any accredited pathways do not have to prepare a CDR report. This report will be necessary for applicants from a background with no accreditation from the listed pathways. 

As we have already been familiar with the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) writing, we know how important it is for engineers to get their report prepared to migrate to Australia. Australia has opened gates for Skilled Migrants. CDR report determines the applicant’s skills and knowledge. 

We have come across news of the CDR report getting rejected. One of the main cause is not following proper guidelines provided by Engineers Australia. This followed by an incomplete report format or insufficient document submission. Applicants will get frustrated as they will be confused about what to do next. Our professionals can guide you on what possibly can be done next to get you back on the race. 

Let us start by summarizing your CDR report’s important parts and the total length of CDR report each section should have to meet the EA guidelines. 

Career Episode

A total of three career episodes are required to complete a CDR report. This part describes your engineering experience during your academic and work phase. Each of your career episodes must focus on different parts of your engineering activity. You have to provide details on how you applied for your engineering knowledge and skills in the claimed occupation.

Format of career episode and the total length required


The introduction part of the career episode should contain approximately 150 words. You should utilize this part properly, focusing on the company’s name, the start and end date of your career episode and the location from where you gained your experience. 


This part should contain approximately 200 to 500 words. In this part, you have to describe all the projects from your engineering year. You have to clearly mention the objectives, nature of the work area, company workflow chart, position title of the job, list of duties performed. 

Personal engineering activity

This part should contain 600-1500 words in total. You must describe all the works you’ve performed and the strategies you used to solve them. You should avoid the part of your teamwork as this part focuses on your personal engineering experience. 


This is the last part of your career episode report that comprises about 50-150 words in total. It sums up the overall work done, your opinion on the project, and the roles you contributed. 

Continuing professional development (CPD)

CPD will help you keep up with the developments in your field of engineering. Your CPD is to be provided in a table format and should include every detail of your postgraduate study and other information. This section should be approximate about 1500 words and should not exceed more than one A4 size paper. Hence you have to be precise and clear while writing your CPD to meet the exact requirements. 

Summary Statement

Summary Statement is the analysis of all your three career episodes. This section should comprise about 1500 words in total. The summary statement will cross-reference your competency elements with your career episodes. The template for summary statements is readily available for your claimed occupation. You do not have to restrict your summary statement to one page. Make sure it covers every element in your career episode. Also, you only need to make one summary statement for all three career episodes. 

Summing it up, your CDR report will be about 6000-6800 words in total. For applicants who are confused about where to begin, we advise you to take professional help. Our professionals are already familiar with the CDR report so that you can trust our companionship to the fullest. We are one of the best CDR report writers based in Australia. We guide you to full on to the end till you get a positive outcome. 

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