Engineers Australia Fees For Skills Assessment

Engineers Australia Fees For Skills Assessment

If you’re considering pursuing a career as an engineer in Australia, there’s an essential step you’ll need to take – having your skills formally assessed. Engineers Australia, a trusted and government-endorsed authority designated by the Australian Department of Home Affairs, carries out this crucial assessment process.

Engineers Australia’s role is to thoroughly evaluate your qualifications, skills, and professional experience to determine your eligibility for working in Australia’s engineering sector.

Before embarking on the visa application process to make your dream of working in Australia a reality, you must obtain a migration skills assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia. This letter is a vital document that certifies your qualifications and suitability as an engineer in Australia. It serves as tangible proof of your eligibility, making it an essential component of your visa application.

By securing this skills assessment outcome letter, you not only satisfy the immigration requirements but also gain a competitive advantage when applying for visas such as the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190). Skilled professionals often seek these visas, and having a positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia significantly strengthens your application.

It’s worth noting that Australia employs a points-based immigration system to assess applicants for skilled migration visas. Age, English proficiency, work experience, and qualifications contribute to your overall points score. A favorable skills assessment outcome is a substantial asset in this points-based system, potentially boosting your chances of securing an Australian visa.

You can also pay for extra services connected to the migration skills assessment. These include fast-track application processing, reviews of engineering PhD qualifications earned overseas, and assessments of relevant skilled work experience.

Engineers Australia fees for skills assessment

The Engineers Australia assessment fees for (2023 to 2024) different types of applications are as follows:

International Accords qualification assessment fees

Item/sFee excl.GST
Fee incl.GST
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment$460$506
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus relevant skilled employment assessment$850$935
Washington/ Sydney/ Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus overseas PhD assessment$705$775
Washington/Sydney/Dublin Accord qualification assessment plus relevant skilled employment assessment plus overseas engineering PhD assessment$1095$1204.50

Australian accredited engineering qualification assessment fees

Item/sFee excl.GST
Fee incl.GST
Australian Engineering Qualification Assessment$285$313.50
Australian Engineering qualification assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment$675$742.50
Australian engineering qualification assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment$530$583
Australian engineering qualification assessment + relevant skilled employment assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment$920$1012

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment fees

Item/sFee excl.GST
Fee incl.GST
Standard Competency Demonstration Report$850$935
Competency Demonstration Report + relevant skilled employment assessment$1240$1364
Competency Demonstration Report + overseas engineering PhD assessment$1095$1204.50
Competency Demonstration Report + relevant skilled employment assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment$1485$1633.50

Additional Services

Fast-track applications

Until February 29, 2024, Engineers Australia offers free speedy skills assessments for eligible migrant engineers residing in Australia.

If you don’t qualify for the free fast-track assessment, you can still expedite your application for a fee. With this option, your application can be assigned to an assessor within 20 business days. However, it’s important to note that receiving the final outcome depends on the quality of your provided documents and whether Engineers Australia requires additional information.

Before you begin your fast-track application, please review the comprehensive instructions on the migration skills assessment page.

Once you’ve submitted your fast-track application, you can log in to your portal account to track its status. Updates on your application’s progress will be displayed throughout the assessment process until completion. You can also reach out via email to inquire about the status of your fast-track application.

Assessment of Overseas Engineering PhD Qualifications

Engineers Australia offers services for evaluating overseas engineering PhD qualifications to establish their equivalence to an Australian engineering PhD, mainly for migration purposes. Please note that this assessment is not required if you obtained your PhD in Australia.

Review of Relevant Skilled Employment

Engineers Australia provides a comprehensive review of documentary evidence related to your employment history. This option is open to individuals in all engineering occupation categories, except engineering managers, where it constitutes a mandatory component of the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) assessment.

Additional services fees

Item/sFee excl.GST
Fee incl.GST
Fast-track assessment fee (additional to MSA assessment fee)$325$357.50
Separate relevant skilled employment assessment$440$484
Separate overseas engineering PhD assessment$295324.50
Separate relevant skilled employment assessment + overseas engineering PhD assessment$680$748
Review fee$305$335.50
Appeal fee$580$638
Standard administration fee$115$126.50


Knowing the fees for skilled assessment by Engineers Australia is vital for engineers aiming to work in Australia. By understanding these costs, you can plan your migration process wisely and smoothly integrate into the Australian engineering field. Staying informed about the current fee structures and guidelines is key to making smart decisions for your engineering career in Australia. With the proper knowledge and preparation, you can set yourself on the path to achieving your professional aspirations in Australia.

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