What is the outcome of the fast track and normal track skills assessment?

fast track and normal track skills assessment

The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) done by Engineers Australia for approval takes 4-7 months. We know it is a long period, but there is another option for the Migration Skills Assessment, i.e., Fast track and normal track skills assessment.

Applicants who want a skills evaluation quickly might use the Fast Track program. Fast Track applications will be allocated to an assessor within the timeframe listed on the EA website when payment has been received. The quality of the submitted application completely determines the time it takes to receive a response. Engineers Australia will not be held liable for the time it takes to process inaccurate or incomplete applications.

Applicants who have previously filed an online application are also eligible for the Fast Track service. Please be aware that the end-of-year office closure will impact the Fast Track service. During the shutdown, no files will be processed. The dates of the closures will be posted on the website. When work resumes, Fast Track applications will be handled first.

This is a premium feature provided by Engineers Australia to the applicant, which costs $315, and after the payment, you can apply for a Fast Track Assessment. An application would be passed to the assessors of Engineers Australia within 5-15 working days. Another thing applicants must consider is that you can only apply for the Fast Track if you submit your application online.

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Normal CDR Assessment takes a long time to clear compared to Fast Track, which gets assessed within 15 days. Likewise, if your occupation is listed in the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or an Australian employs you. The fast Track Method is more popular for Skilled Assessment than general MSA.

It is recommended to get the CDR prepared by an expert CDR writer because the Fast track CDR report will be given priority for evaluation.

If the CDR report is not prepared in the proper format per the guidelines of Engineers Australia, your Skilled Migration Visa might be canceled.

What does a CDR report contain?

The information is included in the CDR report of the Engineering Australia assessment.

A CDR report contains educational records demonstrating your work experience and qualifications, which carry lots of marks in the migration skills assessment. We at CDR Writers Australia provide one of the best CDR Report Writing Services for Australian Skilled Assessment.

Engineers seeking to relocate to Australia must submit a Competency Demonstration Report to Engineers Australia. Engineers Australia will only accept a perfect CDR report. CDR Assessment’s major purpose is to determine the following:

  1. Your grasp of technical engineering components.
  2. How have you put your engineering knowledge and abilities to use?
  3. Your ability to function properly in your chosen engineering vocation.

The CDR Report has three sections: Continuing Professional Development, Three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement. 

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a way to show that you will stay current on new ideas and discoveries in the engineering business. All relevant CPD should be included in the CDR Report.

Career Episodes (CEs)

Your school background and engineering job experience are documented in your Career Episodes. All three Career episodes are based on three distinct engineering projects accomplished within a specific time frame. Career Episodes detail the technical and non-technical skills that an engineer employed on a particular project.

Summary Statement (SS)

The summary statement is the most important and difficult component of any CDR. This section must determine if you have shown all of the competency components for the selected occupational category as described by the ANZSCO code. In the summary statement, you must provide cross-references to the paragraphs written in each career episode. Only one Summary Statement (SS) is required for all three episodes.

Our group of expert writers has experience and knowledge about the CDR document. They have ideas to convey to you the best-written plagiarism-free CDR report per the guidelines of Engineers Australia.

Our reports have a 98% success rate. We provide a CDR Pricing list if you want to get your CDR report at a reasonable price.

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The fast track and normal track skills assessment

Sometimes the procedure of Fast track assessment gets delayed to three weeks rather than two depending upon the remaining task at the EA Assessors are looking at that time. Applications submitted for the fast and normal track generally have incomplete information filled in the form and have very common mistakes while checking the assessment.

Engineers Australia requests all the applicants to know about the status of the assessment not to ask before four months while it is a normal track and for the fast track, not before 15 days after submission. So there’s no other authority to check your application’s status other than sending a blank status email to know about an answer which contains the information data about the dates of the applications being processed at a time.

Why Fast Track Migration Skills Assessment?

There are some factors supporting the determination of the fast track migration skills assessment strategy, such as:

  • Normal Assessment CDR takes more time, i.e., 4 to 6 months. If you want it to be in a short period, you have to apply for a Fast track process which can be done within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • The benefit of having a fast track assessment is to save time as well. Every year migration policies in Australia are getting stricter.

Why does the Normal Assessment Skills Process take time?

There are several applications for Migration Skills Assessment, so it takes time. In addition, the need for more information on the applications delays the process. If you have applied for a job in Australia and sent your CDR report correctly, you must know that you can contact them about your status after 16 weeks (four months) of the application.


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