Migration skills assessment pathways for Engineers

Migration Skill assessment pathways for Engineers

An engineer seeking a permanent skilled migration visa to Australia should apply for the Migration Skills Assessment(MSA) program. The aim of the skill assessment is to determine whether your education and professional expertise are comparable to Australian criteria for skilled workers in your selected occupation. The migration skills assessment is required for engineers that do not hold Australian credentials or qualifications from nations that have signed the Washington Accord, Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord. This group of applicants will need to complete the CDR process.

Generally, the CDR report is used by engineers to demonstrate to Australian authorities (which is Engineers Australia) their abilities and competencies in the engineering of their level, qualifying them to enter Australia as skilled immigrants.

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Five migration skills assessment application pathways

Five application pathways for skills assessment

Engineers who intend to immigrate to Australia must go through skills assessment according to the two most prevalent two pathways: i.e. qualifications that are accredited and qualifications that are not accredited.

Accredited qualifications

Accredited qualifications are recognized by official international agreements and met Australia’s standards. The official certifications you desire in the industry or for which you wish to work are obtained through accredited qualifications.

  • Australian Qualifications
  • Washington Accord Qualifications
  • Sydney Accord Qualifications
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications

Non-Accredited qualifications

Non-accredited courses are those that are not affiliated with an external accrediting or professional organisation. These programs are good for acquiring a unique ability set or improving your existing ones.
Competency Demonstration Report

  • Accredited Qualifications

The Australian qualifications framework was developed by the Australian government to assure that qualification titles are similar across the country and indicate the same high educational requirements.

Qualifications from accredited institutions lead to the professional certification you desire in your industry or for which you hope to work. With the precise name and status of your degree, you can move forward in your chosen career.

You must enrol in an approved course of study if you want a credit-bearing certificate or diploma. Engineering accreditation programs are available on three occupational levels, namely Professional Engineers, Engineering Technicians, and Engineering Associates.

Australian Qualifications

The Australian Qualifications Framework was developed by the Australian government to ensure that all credential titles are consistent and reflect the same educational standards across the country.

Those who graduate from an Australian engineering program are qualified for a migration skills assessment under the Australian engineering qualifications assessment process, according to the MSA Booklet.

Those who began their studies within a certain timeframe are considered to have graduated from an accredited program. Frequently, IT courses are described as (F) following the commencement of the authorized course.

Provisional accreditation is indicated by a (P) after the start date, indicating that certification will be completed, but not assured. Candidates with provisional authorization must submit a Competency Demonstration Report to undergo the evaluation process.

Engineers Australia retains the privilege to demand results of English language tests, such as IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, from applicants seeking an assessment of their abilities. Candidates who are aboriginal English speakers or who hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering or a PhD from an Australian university are exempt from taking the English language test.

Washington Accord Qualifications

Accreditation according to the Washington consensus is to be evaluated for qualifications that have been publicly identified as accredited by the relevant contributor. Your qualification title must match the title on the public list of authorized credentials of the appropriate signatory.

The Washington Accord stipulates academic credentials that are generally equivalent to those of an Australian four-year bachelor’s degree in engineering.

The Sydney Accord

We will evaluate qualifications that have been publicly disclosed as certified by the appropriate contributor for acknowledgement under the Sydney Accord. Applicants must have the same educational title as the one listed on the signatory’s public list of authorized credentials.

According to the Sydney Agreement, a bachelor’s degree in technology is equivalent to a three-year degree in engineering in Australia.

The Dublin Accord

An authorized signatory of the Dublin Accord will examine qualifications that are publicly advertised as being recognized. It is required that you have the same degree title as the one on the appropriate signatory’s list of authorized credentials.

Academic levels required by the Dublin Accord are roughly equivalent to those of a two-year bachelor’s qualification in engineering in Australia.

  • Non-Accredited Qualifications

An unaccredited course is a program that is not recognized by another organisation or accredited by an external accrediting agency. You can learn new skills or discover ways to enhance your existing ones through these courses.

The purpose of non-accredited courses is to deliver apprentices with specific information and skills that will enhance their CVs.
Degrees that are not certified do not contribute to the pursuit of a professional job with a job-related credential; instead, recognized qualifications are needed.

The MSA only accepts diplomas from Australia and countries that are members of the Sydney, Dublin, and Washington Accords. Those whose home countries have not been certified by Engineers Australia (EA) must propose a Competency Demonstration Report to EA for assessment of migration skills.

Competency Demonstration Report(CDR)

Engineers who wish to relocate to Australia must prepare a Competency Demonstration Report(CDR). Native Australians are not required to possess a CDR unless they are immigrants from a country that is not a signatory or member of the Sydney Accord, Washington Accord, or Dublin Accord.

If A CDR must be completed correctly according to the standards stated in the MSA booklet provided by EA if you wish to apply for a permanent residency visa under skilled migration. CDR applicants must demonstrate that their engineering knowledge and abilities meet skills as per the Australian standards. The CDR is a report containing papers demonstrating your engineering abilities and mastery of English.

To participate in the migration skills assessment procedure, engineers must provide a CDR. The Institute of Engineers Australia reviews the CDR.

In this way, EA carefully and completely examines your CDR, and your choice is based on how excellent it appears. CV, CPD, three episodes of career development, and a summary are all included in a complete CDR report.

Checklist of documents to be mentioned in the CDR report

The following are crucial CDR report dcouments, which should be included in the report:

  • The most recent passport-sized image
  • An updated CV/Resume
  • Personal identification documents such as bio-page of passport
  • Educational documents and transcripts
  • Academic degree awards and certificate
  • Documentation of a name change such as marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • English proficiency test documents with scores(IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL)
  • Proof of paid employment concerns
  • Proofs of paid employment (payments slips, tax paid documents)
  • Professional Continuing Development(CPD), summary statements, and the career episodes

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