The Ultimate Guide to Write a Career Episode

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Are you having trouble preparing CDR? Don’t know how to write Career Episodes. No worries. In here, we have covered every do and don’ts you should keep in mind while writing your Career Episodes.

It is written to illustrate your engineering education, job experience, and any training related to your profession. Each Career Episode must mention a certain period of time or aspect of your engineering skills. Furthermore, each Episode should show the application of your engineering skills in the specific field.

Your career episode should be written about the following events:

  • Project Report on which you have worked on or currently working on.
  • Academic training or program was undertaken during your Engineering Study Period.
  • Job responsibilities that are given to you in your workplace.

You need to write three different Career Episodes for your CDR Report. Each Career Episode has four section Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering Activity and at last, it’s Summary. What to write in this section? Let’s see.


This is the first section of the Career Episode. The word count of this section should be approximately 100 words. Here you need to write about

  • the name of the project
  • when it happened
  • where you did it and
  • what was your job


This is the next section of the Career episode that is written in about 200-500 words. This section should be able to explain in detail about

  • nature of your project
  • it’s objectives and
  • your personal involvement in the project.

Personal Engineering Activity

It’s the most crucial part of the Career Episode that contains all the information on what you have done in this project such as what engineering methods you used to solve the problems, how you managed to work in a team, how you got new ideas. Be Specific about what you personally did rather than what your team did because it’s a personal competency assessment, not a project assessment.


Now summarize all the things you have written in the above sections in about 50-100 words.

Well, there you go. Follow these things and there’s no doubt that your Report will be awesome. Learn about CPD and Summary Statement here.

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