I don’t have enough projects for Career Episodes. What should I do?

Don't have enough Career Episodes

Career Episodes are gripping stories that depict a person’s professional journey, showcasing noteworthy successes, obstacles overcome, and useful skills acquired throughout their career.

CDR Report is also called a Competency Demonstration Report. It is the documentation through which engineers get a skilled migration visa for Australia to prove their capabilities. CDR Report is a technical report that assesses engineers’ education and competency levels abroad. Engineer Australia asks applicants to write a CDR Report on their own to demonstrate their communication skills to the assessor.

As per the migration skills assessment booklet, if you submit a poorly written CDR Report to EA, settling in Australia will be reduced. So you can take CDR Report Writing Services Provides help to prepare your CDR.

CDR Report Writing

International Engineers who apply for Australian Visas to work in Australia find it difficult to write their CDR within the given period of time. It is difficult to do the job and write a good CDR Report. So they need help from expert writers.

Our writers know how EA evaluates a report and what has to be highlighted. The CDR Writers Australia team includes professional engineers from various streams and experienced writers.

Engineers Australia has provided the special format to write the CDR Report in the MSA Booklet. CDR Report consists of 3 Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, and Summary Statement.  

Our expert writer works on a step-by-step process; first, they prepare the draft of the CDR Report and send them to professionals of a similar stream. They cross-check the consistency of the report and if they include all the specific knowledge and skills or not. Then redo the CDR Report if it is not written in the format.

 Requirements of CDR Report

  • Personal details contain a birth certificate, passport, and bio-data
  • An updated copy of resume that shows aspects of employment and education 
  • Proof of English Test Results
  • Proof of Educational Qualification and the Certificated for enrollment
  • Employment Documentary Evidence
  • 3 Career Episodes
  • Summary Statement of 3 Career Episodes
  • List of Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Importance of CDR Report

CDR Report is the most valuable and important technical report. It provides detailed information about the personal, educational, engineering competency level and projects. Thousands of engineers show interest in getting engineering jobs in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Canada. 

These countries offer high wages to migrant engineers. Based on the submitted Competency Demonstration Report, Engineers Australia enrolls the best and competent students.

Engineers Australia is a team of professional engineers who have high knowledge in the engineering field. The CDR Report is approved only if they satisfy the technical competency levels.  

Components of CDR Report

The most important elements of the CDR Report are 3 Career Episode, Summary Statement, and Continuing Professional Development.

1. Career Episode Report

Career Episode is a long essay that shows the capabilities for the engineering category that is applied. It should be written in the English Language.

You need to write your career episode report on your own without technical details. Assessing authorities like Engineers Australia or ACS evaluate if the applicants match the Australian Standards or not. The length of each career episode needs to be between 1000-2500 words. 

Also, the career episodes should be written in the first person and should represent a personal role. The engineers can apply under the following four categories. They are: 

  • Professional Engineers
  • Engineering Technologists 
  • Engineering Associates
  • Engineering Managers

Career Episodes should be filled with competency elements. And writing career episode is not an easy task for engineers who are not aware of the technical requirements of Engineers Australia. All three episodes should be divided into four sections. They are Introduction, Background, Engineering Activity, and Summary.

The career episodes play an important role in your CDR Assessment process than you can ever imagine. It allows the assessor to view what you have achieved and the skills you have, and the qualifications you have achieved. It is the window to show the diversified roles you have played in a single time. 

However, the EA wants to understand the applicant’s contribution to different projects/tasks via three different career episodes. So you cannot use a simple project across the three episodes. It limits the scope to showcase your skillset.

If you think you have limited projects in your hand, then you have the option to use both academic and professional projects and include them. It helps you to get more options. Every episode needs to showcase a different title for the project, and it is the requirement of EA and cannot be changed. So it is not worth panicking. 

Don't have enough Career Episodes

For the professional project, use a cross-section to highlight the role that you have played in the project and the team you worked with. In the case of an academic project, make sure you cover all the bases of highlighting the domain-specific skills, interpersonal capabilities, design and analysis, attention to detail, and more. You also have the choice to choose an internship project. 

Hence, focus on the skills you have to highlight and share the project scope, your contribution to the specified role, advantages, interpersonal capabilities, leadership quality, skills, and more.

However, while using it, you need to write it in simple language which is easy to understand. Assessors of Engineers Australia will not promote or appreciate unnecessary diagrams or graphical interpretations. 

Yes, you can easily identify at least three projects to explain in your three career episodes. It entirely depends on your confidence and how you carry your project at the end. So do not let your academic, internship, or professional project go waste. 

2. Continuing Professional Development(CPD)

Being competitive in your chosen profession involves ongoing learning and development in the quickly changing world of today. CPD, or continuing professional development, is one of the best ways to accomplish this. The continuous process of learning new things—skills, knowledge, and experiences—that improve professional competence and develop one’s career is known as CPD.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) should be in a list format and should include all the latest updates in the engineering field. You need to mention engineering knowledge after you complete your undergraduate studies. You need to write it in A4 size.

3. Summary Statement

You need to write only one summary for all 3 career episodes. Before writing a summary statement you need to analyze each career episode what are the most important things and what are the things you can eliminate.    

Are you looking for help?

If you could not decide how to write your career episode and what to include in it. Then you can always contact CDRWritersAustralia. We have expert professional writers to help you complete your career episode and write EA-approved CDR Report.

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