Significance of CDR and RPL report for Migration Skill Assessment

Significance of CDR and RPL report for Migration Skill Assessment

Do you dream of living in Australia with its high standards and availability of all the facilities around you? Who can resist living and working in Australia as an independent person? We cannot, and that’s why here we will tell you how you can legally migrate to Australia and become a permanent resident. 

Let us familiarize ourselves with the Migration Skill Assessment and Assessment Program provided by the Australian government under Engineers Australia (EA) and the Australian Computer Society (ACS). This assessment pathway is mainly for highly skilled occupations in engineering and Information Technology (ICT).

The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Program is for candidates who need a skills assessment to qualify for a skilled immigration visa. A skills assessment determines whether or not you have the required skills and experience to work in Australia at the highest level for your occupation. To be able to apply for MSA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a degree that is specifically relevant to your chosen occupation
  • Have the requisite amount of work experience in your profession

Now we’re getting to the part where you must prepare a report for your skill assessment. We will describe the CDR and RPL reports required by engineers and ICT applicants.

Overview of CDR report

The CDR report is mandatory if the Washington Accord, Dublin Accord, and Sydney Accord do not accredit the qualification you have achieved.

Competency Demonstration Reports are professional reports that students send to Engineers Australia for review and evaluation. Engineers preparing to move to Australia for education or employment should prepare an authentic CDR and apply it to Engineers Australia for expertise and experience evaluation.

Engineers Australia is a competent and experienced engineering organization. They only accept CDR Reports if they are published under the recommendations issued by EA in the MSA Booklet. For the submissions to be accepted by EA, they must be grammatically accurate and free of plagiarism.

CDR Report format

1. Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process that can keep you updated with the latest technology news once you have completed your undergraduate degree. It records your abilities, expertise, and experience during your training years.

2. Career episodes

Career episodes describe the educational background and career experience in engineering. All three Career episodes focus on three distinct engineering tasks completed within a single period. Career Episodes provide in-depth insight into the technological and other expertise that an engineer used on the project mentioned. You must highlight your career episode with an introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and a summary.

3. Summary statement

The most critical and challenging aspect of any CDR is the summary statement. In this segment, you must assess whether you have portrayed all competency elements for the nominated occupational group as defined in the ANZSCO code. You must include cross-references to the paragraphs written in each career episode in the summary statement. Only one Summary Statement (SS) is needed for all three episodes.

Overview RPL report

Individual capabilities are assessed by the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process. RPL skill testing is usually performed by candidates who do not have any ICT qualifications or tertiary ICT qualifications. 

The Australian Computer Society (ACS) will check your skill assessment before you are deemed qualified to move to Australia. Thus, ACS offers an opportunity for candidates who may still need to meet the ICT requirements to test their expertise and skills by submitting RPL reports under the ACS Australia Migration Skills Assessment. Before writing your complete RPL report, consider the following things:

  • Your expertise and experience should be reflected in your RPL report.
  • Both references and sources must be appropriately referenced in the Project Report.
  • Accurate descriptions of your job background must be written to comprehend your career history properly.
  • Material that is not plagiarized should be included.
  • Your job experience must follow the ACS qualifying requirements, or it will be deemed ineligible.
  • Duplicate data or material copied from online databases will result in the RPL report being rejected.

RPL report format

Section 1: The key area of knowledge

This part lists qualifications, work experience, and knowledge of the chosen skills. This also includes two topics:

  • Essential ICT Knowledge
  • General ICT Knowledge

Section 2: The RPL project report

In this part, you must include information about the selected projects. You must submit two project reports: one for a project completed within the last three years and another for a project completed over the previous five years.

Why are CDR and RPL reports of such significance?

Writing a CDR report on your own comes with many drawbacks. As a newbie, you must become more familiar with the EA rules. You may make many common CDR writing mistakes. You can opt for a professional CDR and RPL writing agency that will significantly help in such a situation. 

If the CDR report and RPL report come in according to the guidelines provided by the respective assessing authority, they will indeed be accepted. So, preparing these reports will require extra consideration, which is described below:

Always plan out a proper format.

When writing a CDR, you could cover several segments, such as CPD, career episodes, and a summary statement. The report will be dismissed if these segments are not registered under the EA rules. It will cost you a lot of money, and you will have to wait another year to get your acceptance. You must first thoroughly comprehend each section before proceeding. Engineers Australia authorities must precisely define it; you can only be granted the necessary approval.

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You should still consider going through all your abilities and accomplishments in your former career and why you’re moving to Australia. You should also keep track of your roles and how they’ve turned out. Each of the statements needs sufficient proof and recommendation. Evidence will play a significant role in persuading the experts at Engineers Australia, assisting you in obtaining approval.

Another thing to remember when preparing CDR and RPL is to keep the format consistent. Yes, it does play a significant role in the preparation of the paper. There are basic requirements for the report that must be met. If the documents are not written with the criteria in mind, they will almost definitely be rejected in your favor. As a result, you must thoroughly know the instructions and the format adopted to have the report drafted without errors.


In conclusion, the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) report play a crucial role in the migration skill assessment process. These reports comprehensively assess an individual’s skills and knowledge in their chosen field, which is a critical component for migration to Australia.

A well-written CDR or RPL report can significantly enhance an individual’s chances of a successful migration application. Therefore, it is essential to understand the significance of these reports and ensure that they are prepared accurately, reflecting the required competencies and knowledge in the respective field. Overall, the CDR and RPL reports are vital components for migration skill assessment and play a crucial role in determining an individual’s success in migrating to Australia.

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