How does New Zealand(NZ) assess skilled migrants?

NZ(New Zealand) skilled migrants

Immigration New Zealand has approved CPA Australia to conduct skill assessments to determine whether the required standards for the ANZSCO occupations are met.

A relevant assessing authority may be required to evaluate visa applications for occupations on New Zealand’s Immediate Skills Shortage List (ISSL).

Skilled Migrant Category Overview

  1. Application for a PR visa under the Skilled Migrant Category is a two-phase process: individuals wishing to apply for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category should initially present an Expression of Interest (EOI) in an endorsed way.
  2.  EOIs that are essentials for well-being, character, English language, and age, and have a sum of at least 100 points for employability and building factors, are gone into a pool of EOIs.
  3.  EOIs that meet a determination point edge set now and then by the Minister of Immigration are chosen from the Pool. The current choice point is 160.
  4.  EOIs chosen from the Skilled Migrant Category Pool may invite applicants to apply for a visa under the Skilled Migrant Category if the cases made in the EOI concerning wellbeing, character, English language, and employability and limit building factors are evaluated as trustworthy by a movement official.
  5.  Applications for a resident visa made in the recommended way should be made within four months of the date of the invitation to apply.
  6. A Skilled Migrant Category application will be endorsed if a movement official has fulfilled the prerequisites for wellbeing, character, English language, and employability and limit-building factors are met.
    1.  If a primary candidate, in any case, meets all necessities for the award of an inhabitant visa under the Skilled Migrant Category yet doesn’t have focuses for work in New Zealand or possesses not read full energy for a long time in New Zealand bringing about the honor of a Doctorate or Master’s certificate: the decision on the application will be deferred, and
    2.  Subject to meeting the prerequisites of Skilled Migrant Category Job Search Instructions, the vital candidate will be qualified for the award of a work visa to permit them to acquire a proposal of progressing gifted work in New Zealand.
  7.  The application may be approved if an offer of ongoing skilled employment is obtained during the deferral period.

Your best chance of reaching 160 points will be if:

  • Age of applicant is between 21 to 39 years of age and;
  •  10 years or more skilled work experience in a country that is considered a comparable labor market to New Zealand; and preferably, the work experience matches the requirement of the long-term skill shortage list of New Zealand;
  •  Your highest qualification is a Master’s/PhD, and your Bachelor’s degree is relevant to the work experience you declare;
  •  You are married, and your partner has a minimum qualification of a bachelor’s degree and can score 6.5 band score in all in IELTS.
  •  You can also require an IELTS score of 6.5 in all bands and;
  •  You must have a police clearance certificate and no health problems or disease-free health conditions.

As you can see, it is a challenging process, and you must meet all the criteria listed above to qualify.

Skill assessment processing time New Zealand

It currently processes applications within 30 business days after receiving all required documents. *Weekends, national public holidays, and the end-of-year office closure period are not included.

Skill assessment fees for New Zealand

Skills assessment$335
Appealing your assessment outcome$185
Withdrawing an assessment$90

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