Career Episode Sample based on Training Project

Career Episode based on training project

The author of this Career Episode Sample is an Industrial Engineer. This Career Episode describes roles and responsibilities held by the writer during the training period of his Engineering Career. This is an example of a Training or Internship Career Episode.

In the Introduction part he discusses the time and aspect when the project happened and the duration it took to complete it. The author is an Industrial Engineer who illustrates the project he was involved in as a trainee at a Company named Unilever Nepal. The Project name is “Calculation of warehouse capacity of Unilever Nepal for 15 days production”.

In the next section i.e Background he provides a brief introduction to the Company and continues by listing the objective of this project. His objective for this project was

  1. To determine the storage capacity of the warehouse
  2. To prepare a plan for maximum space utilization for future
  3. To calculate total space occupied by pallets in the Warehouse

In the Personal Engineering Activity section, he describes the engineering skills he applied in order to complete this project. He explains in detail the following engineering knowledge he used in this project:

  • Understanding of the mechanism and process of the Production plant.
  • The concept of Product, planning, and control to regulate and monitor the production process.
  • Logical and Mathematical Knowledge to calculate various parameters associated with production rate.
  • Analytical Skill to analyze calculated data and get a result to optimize the warehouse space.

He also discusses the problems he faced and how he handled it using his engineering knowledge. Some of the Problems and Solution that he handled during this project are:

  • He found a problem with roof ridge or jack roof in the warehouse of the industry which resulted in unbalanced temperature in the warehouse. To solve this problem he suggested the company to use the HVAC system.
  • He also found problem-related with Hydraulic Lift which could cause a serious problem. So he suggested using a convex mirror to avoid any accident related to hydraulic Lifts.

Finally, he summarizes all three section in the Summary Statement Section. Here, he explains, in brief, all the factors that are described in the previous section and provide a short summary of the whole Career Episode.

You can download this Career Episode Sample from here

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