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How to Write a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia?

Worried of writing a Perfect CV for Engineer’s Australia in your Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) because all you have heard people telling it’s difficult.

In this blog, you can get various kind of ideas so that you can write a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia.

Once you are in the way of developing a career at least once you have had written or designed your CV for various career opportunities. Once you see the requirements of a CV for Engineer’s Australia, then you can easily analyze that there is a vast difference between a normal career CV and a Perfect CV for Engineer’s Australia.

Almost all kind of CV contains a full summary of your educational qualification and work experience if any in a chronological order. In normal CV all you have to mention is your position, work duration with the company’s name and address. You don’t mention the work or projects you were involve in doing and what was your actual contribution there. In normal CV nobody mentions their inactive periods.

But for a Perfect CV for Engineer’s Australia you have to mention each and every minute details of the workplace and the works you were assign to do. You have to write about the projects you did whether in your academic career or in a professional career so that they can know what you are capable of doing. You have to mention your period of inactive mandatorily.

Let us have a quick view of a simple career CV example:

Prabin Sharma -CV- CDR writing services, CDR Writing, CDR for Australia, CDR Sample, Career Episode Report

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A simple career CV doesn’t mention about the projects and your performances in the academic projects neither it describes about what you actually did in the workplace, what works were you assigned to or what was your part that made a huge difference in the work or projects.

And let us see an example of a Perfect CV for Engineer’s Australia:

Perfect C.V. - CDR writing services, CDR Writing, CDR for Australia,CDR Sample,Career Episode Report

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There is a whole lot of difference between a normal career CV and a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia.

For each workplace provided you have to mention the following:

  • The name and location of the organization including the contact detail
  • Date and duration of the employment
  • Your designation or position
  • Your defined role and the brief description

The main part what Engineers Australia seek in your CV is how well have you performed in the workplace and projects (academic project or career projects).Your define role and description of your activities are viewed so they can know how well you get into their place.

The inactive periods may be due to the change in career or any other personal or health issues which should be mentioned properly.

Some Important points to focus while writing a Perfect CV for Engineers Australia:

  • Career objective is mandatory and should be short and clear.
  • Education Qualification should be written in ascending order.
  • Work experience should be clearly described as well.
  • Projects should be clearly written with their working periods.
  • Your role, as well as the major role and objective of the project, should be mentioned.
  • Software skills should be mentioned properly which are related to your field.
  • Your personal information should be clearly mention with a contact number and e-mail id.
  • Do not include a photo unless requested.
  • References can be given when asked.
  • CV should be between 3-4 pages.


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