Guide on writing an outstanding Summary Statement for your CDR report

summary statement for your cdr report

A Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a mandatory document that engineers must submit to Engineers Australia (EA) to prove their skills and qualifications. The report must be structured in a specific format and contain all the necessary information about the engineer’s education, work experience, and achievements. One of the most critical parts of the CDR report is the summary statement, which is a brief overview of the entire document. In this guide, we will provide you with essential tips on how to write a great summary statement for your CDR report.

Overview of Summary Statement

Summary Statement briefly explains all three career episodes, including all the units and competency elements. They play a significant role in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). The CDR report comprises a Curriculum Vitae (CV), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three career episodes, and a summary statement. 

Out of all these reports, the summary statement is the main gist of the overall report. It gives EA assessors an idea of what the report is about. The summary statement emphasizes your primary engineering abilities and management qualities. Your summary statement should be written in an easy-to-understand format for your EA assessor. It is prepared in a tabular structure with the indicated competence aspects and should closely relate to the career episodes.

An applicant needs to provide three career episodes highlighting their engineering activities. The summary statement is the report that is prepared following the career episode. Once you have finished all three portions of the career episode, you must assess them to confirm that you have covered all the competency components within the selected occupational category. The evaluation’s outcome will be represented in the summary statement. It connects all competency aspects to each paragraph in the career episode.

The four engineering categories include Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist. The template EA requires for the four categories is distinct and must be written following the format specified by Engineers Australia.

Summary Statement competency elements 

Summary statement Competency elements


The competency elements are categorized into three sections. 

Knowledge and skill base

In this part, you can demonstrate your engineering field’s knowledge and skills and give proof from your career episode. At least two indications from this section should be covered: developing adequate research orientation skills and expertise in your engineering subject. You need to know the influencing factors in your engineering field and grasp them as you learn new things.

Engineering application ability 

In this part, you must demonstrate your engineering ability and how you have used your knowledge in the engineering industry. Attempt to cover at least three indications from this section. All analysis and design processes related to your engineering profession should be defined. You should implement a systematic methodology that provides management with direction for engineering projects.

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Professional and personal attributes 

In this part, you showcase your engineering abilities and characteristics, such as work ethic and communication skills. In engineering, compelling and persuasive communication and an inventive, productive, and creative mentality are essential.

How to create a Summary Statement for your CDR report?

create a summary statement for your cdr report


Do you intend to write a summary statement on your own? We understand how puzzled you may be. It is easier for beginners to draft a summary statement with proper rules and expertise. This is why we will instruct you on how to write an excellent summary statement report.

A summary statement should be unique and relate to the projects you’ve accomplished. EA has eased the process, as we can readily find the summary statement template on their websites. But if you insist, we have provided many samples to help you write your summary statement. Here are some of the essential things to do to perfect your summary statement. 

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Understand the purpose of the Summary Statement.

The summary statement briefly summarizes the three career episodes you described in your CDR report. It highlights your key competencies and achievements in each episode, using specific examples and evidence to support your claims.

The assessors use the summary statement to assess your engineering competencies against the requirements of the Australian engineering industry. Therefore, providing a concise and accurate summary that demonstrates your engineering skills and experience is essential.

1. Follow the correct format.

Writing a summary statement has a specific format that you must follow to ensure that your application meets Engineers Australia guidelines. The format consists of four main sections:

a. Competency element: This section identifies the specific competency element addressed in each paragraph.

b. Paragraph: This section describes the specific engineering activity you undertook in each career episode, using specific examples and evidence to demonstrate your skills and experience.

c. Indicator: This section explains how the activity you described in the paragraph demonstrates your competency in the specific element.

d. Summary: This section summarizes your overall competency level for each element based on the evidence you presented in the paragraph and indicator sections.

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1. Use active voice and clear language.

When writing your summary statement, use active voice and clear language to make it easy for the assessors to understand your engineering skills and experience. Avoid using technical jargon or acronyms that may not be familiar to the assessors.

Use specific examples and evidence to demonstrate your engineering competencies, and ensure that your statements are factual and accurate. Avoid making vague or ambiguous claims that may not be supported by evidence.

2. Review and edit your Summary Statement.

Once you have completed it, review and edit it carefully to ensure that it meets the Engineers Australia guidelines and accurately reflects your engineering skills and experience. Check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors.

Ensure your Summary Statement is well-structured and flows logically, each paragraph addressing a specific competency element. Use appropriate headings and subheadings to guide the assessors through your summary statement and make it easy to read.

Some valuable tips for outstanding Summary Statements

Engineers Australia expect each migrant engineer to write their CDR report. However, the EA may accept your CDR if the report is prepared under the MSA booklet requirements. 

Here are a few things to consider when writing your summary statement. 

  • Always use Australian English so that it is easy for the EA assessor to review your report and you get your result in a short period. 
  • Text format, styles, grammar, and spelling should be adequately considered.
  • Use active voice and a first-person basis while defining the task you performed. 
  • Write down the task you performed, not the one your teammate did. 
  • As EA is strict on plagiarism, ensure your content is 100% original and not copied from any sources. Use references, citing phrases taken from other sources.
  • The summary statement is what the EA assessor will be reviewing first. Properly cross-reference to the relevant career episode topics, as the first impression is the last.

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Professional agents to write your Summary Statement. 

In conclusion, writing a summary statement is critical to the success of your migration application. Follow the correct format, use clear language and the active voice, provide specific examples and evidence, and review and edit your summary statement carefully to ensure it meets the Engineers Australia guidelines and accurately reflects your engineering skills and experience. Doing so will increase your chances of success and help you achieve your dream of migrating to Australia as a qualified engineer.

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