Detail Guide: How to apply ACS skill assessment?

How to apply ACS skill assessment?

The ACS is the short form of the “Australian Computer Society(ACS)”, which is the accredited operation organization of Australia to assess the skill, ability, and knowledge for the skilled migration visa for Australia. ACS evaluates the skills, knowledge, work experience and competency applicants have related to their Information and Communication Technology(ICT) field. ACS provides the opportunity to those applicants who have no ICT qualifications but have enough experience in the ICT professional field.

The migration skill assessment process is a mandatory process to be followed by all those applicants who want to relocate to Australia and build a career in their respective field of ICT. Even if the applicants do not hold a tertiary degree, they can also be eligible for permanent residency in Australia through the process of RPL report, which will be verified by the ACS. ACS favors the applicants to demonstrate their competency level and experience, who have no ICT academic degree or a degree not related to the ICT field and who want to travel to Australia as a skilled workforce.

For the migration skill assessment, the applicants have to choose a specialized occupation with an ANZSCO code from the specified occupational categories by ANZSCO. To assess the migration skills, ACS examines competencies for professional ICT degree professional experience that is exactly relevant to the selected profession from the ANZSCO list.

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How to apply for an ACS skill assessment

Before applying for the ACS skill assessment for the Australian migration visa, the applicants must have an overview knowledge about the process of skills assessment and guidelines provided by ACS. The detailed step-by-step process for the skill assessment involves the following important things:

  • Be aware of the criteria of the Australian concerned official body and department
  • Select appropriate ANZSCO code
  • Submit the required online application form

Step 1: Be aware of the criteria of the Australian concerned official body and department

It is that applicants must ensure that they fulfill the department of concerned government body’s all necessary standards before applying for your skills assessment for Australia. The Australian department of official body frequently introduces new policies and regulations, especially when it comes to immigration issues and border issues. For various reasons, frequently Australia’s concerned department and government body makes the necessary adjustments depending on the situation.

In previous years, due to covid issues, Australia closed the border to immigrants and students from other countries. Similarly, Safety Measures and Security Purpose introduced new rules and regulations for immigrants related to various Safety Protocols. Due to covid, the border was opened only in December of this year and various rules have been changed.

Therefore, applicants need to stay informed and updated with all the current requirements and policy, rules of home affairs before applying for their skill assessment.

Step 2: Select appropriate ANZSCO code

To gain qualifications for points and to satisfy the criteria of skilled migration, it is important to select the appropriate ANZSCO code. ANZSCO codes are selected based on the description of employment duties related to a particular ANZSCO Code, which includes the description of the related occupation, the tasks that must be performed, and the required skill level. The applicants need to make sure that their qualifications and professional experience apply to the ANZSCO code and accurately align the code that you have selected. Only after that, the applicants should choose the ANZSCO code corresponding to their qualifications for the RPL ACS application.

The ACS provides two types of ACS RPL applications, in which the first application requires a tertiary academic degree and a minimum of six years of experience related to specialized qualifications indicated with the ANZSCO code. The second one requires that without a tertiary academic degree with a minimum of eight years of expertise in a specialized field.

We suggest all the applicants examine the ANZSCO codes which are feasibly accessible on the “Australian Bureau of Statistics” and ACS’s website and evaluate the employment duties for the most relevant ANZSCO Codes. Now the applicants need to prepare the ACS RPL report according to their selected ANZSCO code. For the preparation of ACS RPL reports, we advise you to recruit expert writers for the RPL report services such as CDRWritersAustralia.

Step 3: Submit the required online application form

If you are filling out the skill assessment application form for your RPL migration skill assessment, the applicant must strictly follow the guidelines and application checklist given by the ACS to keep in mind your application satisfies all of the application’s specifications The following are the guidelines that need to be ensured by the applicants for the ACS skill assessment:

  • Fill out the application and attach all the necessary documents only in pdf format
  • For each qualification and employment entry, merge every one of the files into only one pdf format
  • The scanned documents should not less 300 dpi resolution
  • The uploaded documents should not be more than 3 MB
  • Validate that the pdf files are not encoded and are just in read-only version
  • The name of the applicant’s name in the application should be same as it is on the passport

After applying the online application, ACS will contact you with your assessment results via email, which can be presented to the concerned authority of Australia as proof that your assessment of migration skills has been finished.

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Requirements for ACS RPL skill assessment

The skill assessment is a very imperative process for the Australian skilled migration visa. There are various guidelines and instructions provided by the ACS in their skill assessment guidelines, which are strictly followed by all the applicants of migration visas. Following are the essential requirements for the migration skill assessment which is must follow by the applicants:

  • The network size and the security features that have been deployed define the network topologies
  • The quality assurance and project management practices implemented
  • The techniques used for system design and analysis
  • Involvement of the applicant in the design and implementation of the process
  • The programming languages that are used, as well as the various design paradigms methodologies that are utilized
  • The several files, database, and management approaches that are employed

Important documents required for skill assessment

Important documents for ACS skill assessment

The preparation of the ACS RPL report as well as for skill assessment requires various documents as proof of the information given by the applicants. The essential required documents are clear guidelines and provided by ACS for the skill assessment. The critical documents which need to upload for the RPL skill assessment are as follows:

  • Personal Information:
    • Documents of your identity(such as a birth certificate) or Passport
    • CV/Resume
    • If applicable, Proof of the applicant’s name changed
  • Education:
    • Educational qualifications and transcripts
    • Achievement Certificates(degree/award)
    • The results that you received alongside the topic names
  • Employment:
    • The letter of employment recommendation
    • The evidence of paid employment such as tax paid, payslips, etc.
  • Other:
    • If applicable, the migration authorization form
    • If applicable, the ACS professional certificates

All of the documentation listed above is acquiring Australian PR credits and completing an ACS for skill assessment. For thorough assistance and profile evaluation, we suggest you approach CDRWritersAustralia, to obtain positive results.

Still, confused about the ACS RPL report?

The RPL is a contraction form of Recognition Prior Learning report, which is very crucial for the people who want to get a skilled migration visa for Australia. It will be hard to prepare all the ACS RPL reports according to ACS guidelines by yourself. If you are still confused and need more information about skill assessment and RPL reports then you can find it on ACS’s official website.

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