ACS Skills Assessment Processing Time

ACS skills assessment processing time

In the past few years, the Australian government has enforced several conditions for individual visas. Before drawing any decisions, applicants should review the guidelines and restrictions. You should employ a certified migration agent to advise you before submitting an ACS skills assessment. Your Migration Skills Assessment will be determined using the materials you supplied on the online application form. The ACS skills evaluation is valid for a minimum of 24 months from the date of issuing, with a processing time of 8-10 weeks in most cases.

The Australian Computer Society(ACS) will assess the possible applicant’s qualifications, and expertise using the ICT field’s standards via an RPL report for applicants who do not have ICT field qualifications. This evaluation is based primarily on the applicant’s knowledge acquired while working in the appropriate field, and is associated with the occupation, ANZSCO for Australian immigration.

The ACS requires that applicants deliver some qualifications, as well as a filled-out RPL form. If the applicants’ documents fulfill the standards of the ACS, they will be approved. ACS is a competent and fast-working authority around the globe, according to the majority of applicants that pass via this procedure.

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What is ACS Skill Assessment Priority Processing?

The priority processing in ACS is a service that allows applicants or agents to expedite the evaluation of their application for a fee. Candidates who qualify for expedited processing will be evaluated in 10 working days, and an assessment outcome letter will be accessible to download within 48 hours.

Applicants needing a ACS skills assessment for general professional occupations, which includes 485 visas, are eligible for Priority Processing. Renewing applicants with earlier completed acs skills assessments are unable to enroll for a priority processing application in the same occupation as those who were formerly examined.

However, if DHA or VETASSESS confirms that the application fulfills the qualification requirements for priority processing and fee payment, including GST, is received, ten working days will begin. It takes two business days for VETASSESS to acquire an application and verify its eligibility. Once this procedure is finished, applicants will get an email with a status update.

Between ten working days, applications that have been authorized as eligible will be evaluated. The priority processing charges will be returned to applicants who failed to fulfill the qualifying criteria and can not be evaluated within the specified timeframe.

How to apply for ACS Skill Assessment Priority Processing?

Applicants must fulfill the criterion requirements to qualify for priority processing. The applicants must deliver their applications to online portals and pay a charge of $600(excepting GST). The paper-based applications are not eligible for Priority Processing.

However, before applying, try to verify VETASSESS’s official website to ensure your qualification for Priority Processing and that you comprehend all of the application procedures. You may select expedited processing after you’ve reached the fee and payment section.

Attaching the specified credentials does not take any further time once an application has been completed. Before applying, verify you have all of the prerequisites and that you understand the qualifying conditions for priority processing.

For a certain number of applicants, however, a priority processing option is provided for a fee. It’s also a question of meeting stringent qualifying requirements, such as applying a thorough ACS skills assessment with all relevant paperwork and fees provided online throughout the time of application.

Unless situations beyond VETASSESS’ direction cause the assessment to be postponed, VETASSESS states that the skills assessment will be finished within ten business days after approving an application for the priority processing service. You must give all essential information as well as payment to finish the application. VETASSESS’ official website includes information about application acceptance and assessment criteria, as well as the required documentation.

VETASSESS is not liable for any drawbacks incurred by an applicant whose skill assessment application is postponed due to its inability to cooperate with any of the priority processing service’s standards, including the compliance of deficient documents. Applicants who do not match the priority processing qualification prerequisites will be evaluated using standard service deadlines. In these scenarios, the applicant can obtain a refund if the cost of the priority processing service was less than the $100 administrative fee.

Renewal of Full Skills Assessment

Let’s assume you had a successful skills assessment before and now want to re-assess for a variety of reasons, such as adding newly earned qualifications or working in roles that were not previously examined. In that instance, you may well be eligible to utilize VETASSES renewal applications.

The renewable application entails a re-evaluation of the original successful skills assessment consequence, with professional growth or workforces to be recognized, for instance, point test objectives or renewing the expiry date with or without supportive qualifications or employments.

When filing for a renewable application, it is necessary to prove the validity of your abilities against the most recent standards of your connected employment. This embodies the above ordinarily evaluating if you have recently worked in your selected occupation.

Remember to take note of your responsibilities. The applicant should check with the related department of the authority to see if a revised skills assessment is necessary for the visa application in question.

A positive complete skills assessment outcome is normally valid for three years from the date of issuing. There is no chance to renew your skills assessment conclusion report once it has expired. However, if your skills evaluation needs to be renewed, you must notify the appropriate authorities before it passes. By login into your account interface, you must provide a skills assessment application online through the online application portal.

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Application Requirements for a Renewable Application

Applicants who have passed a positive ACS skills assessment in their specified profession within the previous three years can qualify for a renewal online application. You must submit a new application and pay the full costs if you enroll after the three-year deadline. To make a renewal application.
Get to your Online Application Portal’s ‘Completed Cases’ page and submit the renewed online application,
However, for Priority Processing, this option is not enabled

Validity of ACS skills assessment

The ACS skills Assessment evaluation is valid for a minimum of 24 months from the date of issuing, with a processing time of 8-10 weeks in most cases. If the evaluating body needs more evidence from the applicant or is unclear about the information you’ve supplied, you’ll have to wait longer for a judgment on your application. For detailed information and advice on Australia’s immigration requirements and procedures, it is advisable to approach a licensed MARA representative in Australia, CDRWritersAustralia.

Document checklist for an ACS skills assessment

Document Checklist for an ACS skills assessment

You must first pay the applicable ACS skills assessment costs before applying for this skills assessment. After you’ve paid the charge, you may go ahead and get the remainder of the documentation and keep them safe.

Personal Information:

  • Birth Certificate/Passport
  • Recent Image
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Name change evidence (If applicable)


  • Academic qualifications and transcript documents
  • Degree/Award credentials
  • Scores/Grades obtained with the subject titles


  • Employment reference letter or letter of experience
  • Evidence documents of paid employment ( for example tax returns, pay slips on companys’ letterhead)


  • Migration agent authorization form( if applicable)
  • ACS professional year certifications(if applicable)
  • One thing to remember before submitting paperwork is to be certain that all of them are authorized photocopies of the original versions and that they are submitted in PDF format online.

ACS Skills Assessment Fees for Applicants

There are many sorts of ACS skills assessment applications that are adhered to regularly; for instance, 485-Skill assessments, Post-Australian Study Skills Assessments, RPL assessments, and General Skills Assessments.

Application TypeFee(in AUD)
485 Skills Assessment$475
Post-study skills assessment$500
Skills (general application)$500
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)$550
Review Application$395
Appeal Application$395

So, before you go on to process your ACS Skills Assessment evaluation application, be extra careful in selecting the correct type as appropriate to your qualifications and plans.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid During the ACS Skills Assessment

When it comes to the ACS skills assessment, there are several things that we need to keep in our mind to avoid common mistakes that can derail your successful outcome. During your preparation and execution of the assessment taking few extra steps , you can potentially save yourself from making these costly errors.

1. Not Being Thorough Enough

It’s crucial to make sure you include adequate information in both the written portion and the practical part of the skills evaluation. This entails giving more than sufficient scenarios to show your technical skill and explaining your familiarity with the standards of the industry.

2. Not Utilizing Available Resources

To fully understand the questions presented in the ACS skills assessment, it’s vital to prepare and use all available resources, such as practice examinations, preparation materials, and past exam papers. It is not recommended to copy answers directly from prior papers since you will need to incorporate what you have learned into each answer.

3. Not Practicing Enough

When it comes to preparing for the ACS skills assessment , practice exams are invaluable tools. It’s recommended that you complete a variety of them as this can provide greater insight into the question types and help refine your answering techniques.

Take help from Professionals for Positive ACS Skills Assessment

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