What is ACS RPL Assessment for Australian Immigration?

What is ACS RPL Assessment for Australian Immigration

ACS RPL Assessment for Australian Immigration

People who want to immigrate to Australia and start a career in information and communications technology (ICT) but who lack an ICT degree or come from an unrelated background in IT should submit a Recognition of Prior Learning application to the Australian Computer Society (ACS).

RPL for Australia Immigration is a process that evaluates an individual’s existing skill sets, knowledge, and experience gained through formal, non-formal, or informal learning. 

Candidates who wish to migrate to Australia must submit an RPL report. The RPL report is submitted to the Australian Computer Society for them to assess the skills of candidates applying for migration to Australia. ACS RPL Report provides RPL for Australia Immigration and a positive ACS Skill assessment.

In this article, you will find what the ACS RPL report is, eligible candidates, applying procedures, ACS RPL guidelines, and tips to write a perfect RPL report.

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Who needs the ACS RPL report?

RPL assessment for Australia Immigration is a skill assessment for applicants without or insufficient ICT qualifications or who do not hold any tertiary ICT education.

Applicants may apply for ACS RPL assessment under one of two categories.

  1. Candidates without an ICT degree must have at least five years of professional ICT work experience in the selected occupation as defined by the ANZSCO Code.
  2. Applicants without tertiary qualifications must have an additional two years of work experience as an ICT-skilled employee (8 years total). Still, this experience does not have to be relevant to the ANZSCO code.

How to apply for ACS RPL assessment?

You must carefully follow the instructions provided by ACS if you want to apply for skilled migration to Australia. Your first step is to review your visa requirements and determine which occupational category your work experience most closely relates to by consulting the ANZSCO code information guide.

The online application form must then be completed on the official website. If you have six years of relevant work experience, the ACS skill evaluation will allow you to apply even if your university degree lacks adequate ICT content.

You must submit an RPL report and demonstrate eight years of relevant work experience if you lack tertiary education. You must follow these steps to apply for a skills evaluation in ACS for immigration to Australia.

  • Get a skill assessment done by the ACS.
  • Prepare for the PTE exam
  • Submit your Expression of Interest (EOI).
  • Wait for the ITA
  • Get your PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) and medical done after you receive your ITA.
  • Pay your visa fee.

ACS RPL report writing Guidelines

Do you struggle to create a perfect RPL report for your skill evaluation? These suggestions will help you write an ideal RPL on your own.

RPL for ACS should be documented using a specified format provided by the ACS assessing body. Your RPL report will be instantly denied if the rules are not followed. To write the best RPL Report for ACS, you must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • In your RPL report, you must use real-world work experience. You will be rejected if you provide false information on your RPL application.
  • If you used someone else’s ideas in your project work, you must clearly state the methods you used with diagrams and examples.
  • Your ACS RPL must be free of any instances of plagiarism. Do not duplicate RPL samples that you see online. Any plagiarism in your report during the evaluation will be reported to the IBP department, and you may be banned. As a result, format your RPL report in a manner that is similar to the samples.
  • ACS employs advanced plagiarism checking software to check for plagiarism. So, please write your report entirely in your own words. Your content may be matched with the reports of other candidates. Before submitting your work, make sure it is free of plagiarism.
  • Include a relevant job description closely related to the employment duties of the applied occupation as defined by the ANZSCO code list in your report.

If you follow the ACS guidelines mentioned above, you can write an excellent RPL report.

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Tips for writing a perfect RPL project report

You must create two project reports for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to complete your RPL for the ACS Skills Assessment. One of the two projects must have been started recently—within the past three years of your visa application—and the other must have been finished recently—within the last five years. Consider the following steps when you write your RPL project report:

  • First and foremost, choose your project wisely. Choose only projects in which you can demonstrate your knowledge and skills as outlined in the ANZSCO codes to which you intend to apply.
  • In your report, provide details about the project, the affiliated company, and your role in it.
  • Describe the tasks and obligations that are unique to this project.
  • Describe how your suggestions are put into practice in the planning and creation of each project, focusing on your strong suits.
  • Describe the System Analysis and Design process utilized in each project.
  • To illustrate your programming skills, mention the programming languages used in the project.
  • Include all database management techniques used in the project to demonstrate your DBMS skills.
  • Include project management and quality assurance techniques to demonstrate your managerial abilities during project development. Describe the security mechanisms used in the project.
  • Describe your ICT management activities, including the nature and scope of your responsibilities and competencies.
  • Your ACS Skills Assessment is more likely to succeed if you include all the above information in your RPL project report.


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