Why ANZSCO engineers are in great demand in Australia?

ANZSCO engineers

Introduction to ANZSCO

ANZSCO is a statistical categorization for aggregating and organizing data about occupations and persons. The skill level and specialization generally required to execute the activities of the specific occupation, or most occupations in the group, are used to define the categorization definitions. The definitions and skill level assertions relate to the occupation rather than the people working there. 

The assignment of certain employees to a specific skill level should be viewed as illustrative rather than prescriptive. The definitional content for each occupation is primarily designed to help interpret occupation statistics classed as ANZSCO. 

The applicant will have to categorize their occupation based on their engineering skill. So there is a great demand for ANZSCO engineers in Australia, and we must convert our skills to the ANZSCO code.

ANZSCO engineers occupation code lists the requirements of general engineering schools like electrical, civil, mechanical, and some industry-type jobs like transport engineers, water engineers, power engineers, etc.

Over the last few years, Australia has experienced a growing shortage of hard skills in a variety of industries. Job growth in the labor market is used to evaluate eligible skilled occupations in high demand. Hence, all engineering categories are in great demand in Australia in recent times.

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First, you must find the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skill List and Short-term Skilled Occupation List. Before proceeding with a skilled assessment, one should confirm the occupation the ANZSCO code is applying for. So you can know whether your occupation falls on which term of the ANZSCO.

Steps to determine ANZSCO engineers code

Step 1:

  • People who have managerial duties come in Group 1
  • Professional in Group 2
  • Provisional of community in Group 4
  • Position providing administrative support to another project in Group 5.

Step 2: Determining the role

  • Which field is the position related to, for instance, engineering services, mechanics, etc.?
  • What type of role will be taken by the person choosing these fields?

Step 3: Determining organizational fitness

Once you have determined the code provisionally, you need to check out the following:

  • Is the code fitting the corporate structure?
  • Do the ones as civil engineers fulfilled their duties?

Reasons why engineers are in demand in Australia

There are various reasons why ANZSCO engineers are in great demand in Australia as per Engineers Australia. Some of the reasons are discussed below:

Pandemic border restrictions

Due to the Covid-19 situation, Australia closed its border for almost 2 years. The overseas engineers are unable to migrate to Australia during that period. Hence, Australia lacks skilled engineers in the post-Covid era.

Lack of local engineering talents

Australia will always need engineers, but it also needs to address the lack of domestic engineers. Reports suggest that only 8.9% of all Australian university graduates are engineers.

Increased multinational industries

Due to the increased multinational industries and new startups in Australia, the need for skilled workers is lacking. Skilled workers are in great demand in Australia in every sector, so the Australian government planned to welcome skilled workers overseas.

Tips on which ANZSCO occupation to choose

Selecting an occupation code for an Australian visa for migration can be simple or extremely difficult.

In some cases, people will have backgrounds that overlap with two or more different areas. So people need clarification and fail to make any decision.

Here are some important points to decide on what occupation you will nominate in ANZSCO.

  • First, ensure you fulfill all the criteria established by the assessing body for the occupation you want to pursue, including the work experience requirement. You will not receive a favorable evaluation if you have the required credentials, competence, and abilities in one sector but opt to shift careers and work in another. Relevant and non-disruptive work experience is necessary.
  • Check whether you have performed some or a majority of the tasks the assessing authority gives.
  • Education and qualification for the skill requirement relevant to you and determine whether you need to hold any formal qualification.
  • Claim points for the point test based on experience and skill. The skills assessing authority’s requirements must be met in full.
  • You must select one that is directly related to your work experience.
  • Suppose your eligibility requirement is suitable for more than one skill occupation, and you need clarification about which one to choose. Look for the benefit of selecting one occupation over the other.
  • If you have experience studying or working in Australia, there will be an added advantage to nominate

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