ANZSCO engineers

Why ANZSCO Engineers are in Great Demand in Australia?

ANZSCO (ANZSCO engineers)  stands for Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation. This is a system which gathers, publishes and analyses occupation statistics. The code is used by DIAC or Department of Immigration and Citizenship for gathering information present in VISA and settlement programs. 

The applicant will have to categorise his/her occupation based on his engineering skill. So there is the great demand of ANZSCO engineers in Australia, we must convert our skills in the ANZSCO code.

ANZSCO engineers occupation code not only list the requirement of general engineering schools like electrical, civil, mechanical,but also of some industry type jobs like transport engineers, water engineers,power engineers etc.

If you have completed your engineering in particular field but have worked and got jobs in different fields then you need not worry. We CDR Writers Australia are here with teams of expert writers to make it clear and help you in selecting correct occupation ANZSCO code for engineers Australia. 

Before proceeding for skilled assessment, one should conform the occupation ANZSCO code applying for. You have to first find the MLTSSL stands for medium and long-term strategic skill list and STSOL stands for short- term skilled occupation list. So you can know whether your occupation fall on which term of the ANZSCO.

Steps to determine ANZSCO engineers code:

Step 1:

  • People have managerial duties come in Group 1
  • Professional in Group 2
  • Provisional of community in Group 4
  • Position providing administrative support to other project in Group 5.

Step 2: Determining the role

  • Which field is the position related for instance engineering services, mechanics etc?
  • What type of role will be taken by the person choosing these fields?

Step 3: Determining the organizational fitness

 Once you have determined the code provisionally, you need to check out:

  • Is the code fitting the corporate structure?
  • Do the one’s as civil engineers have fulfill his duties actually?

Some tips to Decide Which ANZSCO Occupation to Choose?

Deciding which occupation code to choose if you want an Australian Visa for migration can be easy and straightforward or a very hard process. 

In some cases, people will have backgrounds that would overlap with two or more different areas. So must people get confused and fail to take any decision.

Here are some important points to decide on what particular occupation you will nominate in ANZSCO.

  • First you need to check out whether you meet all the criteria set out by the assessing authority for the occupation chosen by you including your work experience requirement. If you have the desired qualifications, expertise and skills in the particular field but decide to change your career path and have worked in another field, you will not receive a positive assessment. Relevant and non-disruptive work experience is necessary.
  • Check out whether you have performed some or a majority of the tasks given  by the assessing authority.
  • Education and qualification for the requirement  of a skill relevant to you and find out whether you need to hold any formal qualification.
  • As per the experience and skilled claim points for the point test. All requirements of the skills assessing authority are to be met.
  • You must choose one that must be closely related to your work experience.
  • If your eligibility requirement is suitable for more than one skill occupation and confuse about which one to choose. Look for the benefit of selecting one occupation over the other. 
  • If you have experience of studying or working in Australia, their will be an added advantage to nominate

CDR report is very important,  priceless engineering report which provide comprehensive information about personal, educational, technical information and different project handled by the applicant in their engineering study. Most of the engineers of the world wants to migrate country like Australia, UK, New Zealand and Canada as they offer high pay to the international engineers.

In Australia, ANZSCO engineers are in great demand. The provides help you to prepared and write  the cdr report as per your qualification and information provided by you.


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