What is the role of SkillSelect EOI in the Australian Skilled Migration Visa?

What is the role of SkillSelect EOI in the Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Skilled migration 

The migration of skilled workers to Australia is an ongoing trend that has caught up everyone’s attention. With more opportunities in Australia, overseas applicants are more than excited to grab the opportunity to live a life they dreamed of. Applicants have to go through various steps to gain a skilled migration visa. The foremost step is skill assessment, without which visa processing cannot be done. Engineers Australia is the official government body that will overlook the skill assessment for engineers. Similarly, the Australian computer society is another organization responsible for the skill assessment of ICT graduates. According to their requirement, they may need to prepare reports, namely CDR, RPL, and Ka02, based on their educational background and occupation.

This assessing authority assesses each one of your occupations to check whether it meets their standards. Your overall knowledge, skills, abilities, academic performance, and employment year performances are evaluated. If everything matches their standard criteria, then only you will be eligible for skilled migration

What is SkillSelect?

SkillSelect is an Australian immigration program that connects skilled international workers with employers in Australia. The system functions similarly to an online job board, matching workers to employers based on their skills and needs. Employers can review foreign workers’ profiles and nominate them to apply for a visa after they answer a series of questions about their background and skills. The Australian government may also invite them to apply for a visa.

For a skilled worker or business person from another country looking to relocate to Australia, use SkillSelect to submit an expression of interest (EOI). All EOIs must be submitted online using SkillSelect. An expression of interest (EOI) is not a visa application, and there is no price to form or submit an EOI in SkillSelect.

There are many visa types that one can apply for. Some of the visas require applicants to fill up the SkillSelect of EOI to be eligible. SkillSelect expression of interest (EOI) is compulsory for the following visa topics: 

  • Independent Skilled Class SI Subclass 189
  • Nominated Skilled Class SN Subclass 190
  • Skilled Work Regional Class PS Subclass 491
  • Business Innovation and Investment Class EB Subclass 188
  • Business Talent Class EA Subclass 132

SkillSelect is the country’s online application method for foreign candidates. This helps such overseas applicants to express their deep interest to migrate Australia for work and study purposes. Based on your EOI Skillselect, valid reasons will be accepted for a visa nomination by the Australian government. 

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SkillSelect expression of interest process

  1. You can send an expression of interest through SkillSelect.
  2. A state, the territory shall choose whether to appoint you for a visa.
  3. If you are appointed, you will be invited within 60 calendar days by the Department to apply for a visa. You cannot ask the Department to extend it for 60 days, and you need to request the state or territory to reappoint you for the invitation.

When you lodge a SkillSelect expression of interest, you may be in or outside of Australia. However, submitting a SkillSelect statement of interest is not a visa request, and you cannot receive a bridging visa from the Ministry.

The Department of home affairs will not issue you a visa to go to Australia to apply for a visa if you have received an invitation to apply for a visa while outside Australia. However, the Department may give you a bridging visa to stay in the country until you have fully decided on your visa application, provided you are in Australia at the time of receiving an invitation, and you present your visa application.

EOIs in SkillSelect

The EOI is recorded at SkillSelect and valid for two years after you have concluded your EOI. Incomplete EOIs are likewise preserved for around two years but cannot be requested.

You are always able to view your EOI and change your details. You must access your EOI and update your information if your circumstances change. If you receive an invite to apply for a visa, it will be too late to amend your EOI. You will need to update your expression of interest under the following conditions. 

  • Achievements of new work experience
  • Additional educational qualifications, conferences, seminars attended
  • Improvement of your English language ability 
  • Family relation has been updated or changed.

These adjustments can also influence your score and enhance your ranking. You should ensure that the information you give on your EOI is accurate and on point. You may get rejected if your EOI application has inaccurate, fraudulent, or misleading information. The applicant’s EOI will be removed from Skillselect:

  • If you receive two invites and do not submit a visa application in response to any of them, or
  • If you receive an invite to apply for Visa for a permanent or temporary visa and are later granted this Visa, 

You will get an invitation from SkillSelect if you are asked to apply for a visa. You will be able to make a valid visa application online within 60 days from the invitation date before the invitation expiry. Applications sent outside this window are not legitimate, and before you are qualified to apply, you will have to wait for a further invitation. You do not need to re-enter some information that is previously supplied in the visa application procedure online.

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Steps for preparing Expression of Interest

steps for preparing skillselect eoiStep 1: Create an EOI in SkillSelect

Fill out the personal data required to create your account in SkillSelect. You must include the following:

  1. Your name and the family name
  2. Birthdate 
  3. Country of birth  
  4. Gender
  5. Passport and Nationality Information
  6. Relationship status 
  7. Current Residence

Confirm above given information and then set up your account with an email and password. SkillSelect will then provide an identifying number for an expression of interest. You will have to check in to maintain this identifying number.

 Step 2: Registration

Use your SkillSelect expression of interest and your password to log in. Fill in your details for each area. You may store your request and return it at any time.

Step 3: Choose the kind of visa.

Choose the visa that will apply to you. More than one form of visa can be selected. 

Step 4: English Test

You will need to provide proof of your English language test if required. Please provide the requested information. This might contain your exam date, test reference number, and test results.

Here is a brief detail on points calculation for skilled migration. 

Step 5: Details of education and skills

Provide proper details on your training background and credentials information. You need to provide details on each qualification, including:

  • Qualification name
  • Course name
  • Institution name
  • Country of the institution
  • Start date and end date of study

Step 6: Evaluation of skills

You need to provide the information on skill assessment for the specified occupation. The following information must be provided:

  • Job description 
  • Name of the assessing authority 
  • The date your skills evaluation was completed
  • The assessing authority gives the reference number, which must be provided.

Step 7: Employment history

You need to include all the information that is relevant to your employment. Employment details from the previous ten years are required with the following information for each job:

  • Employment position 
  • Employer name
  • Country where employment was performed
  • Start date and End date of the job
  • If the position is related to your nominated occupation
  • If you are claiming points for the position

Step 8: Review and declarations

Check your information entry. Read every statement and tick each declaration. You need to revise your application to be sure. You can update the information by amending details if an error occurs. Click the submit button once everything is verified. 

 Step 9: Download your expression of interest

Finally, SkillSelect will inform you that your EOI has been registered. A PDF document of your EOI can be downloaded. 

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