How to get an Australian Independent Skilled visa?

Get an Australian Independent Skilled visa

Seeking to migrate to Australia based on your skills, qualifications, and work experience?

Australian Independent Skilled visa category offers a fantastic opportunity.

Australia is a popular choice for people looking to start a new life. Thousands of migrants arrive in Australia every year for excellent living standards and job opportunities. While getting into Australia can be difficult, the Qualified Independent visa is a wonderful option for skilled professionals who want to stay and work in the nation permanently.

If you’re searching for an easy way to get a skilled independent visa or visa subclass 189 for Australia, CDRWritersAustralia can help.

Check to see if your profession is acceptable for Australian immigration. Also, make sure you’re familiar with all of the visa’s requirements and qualifying conditions. Learn how to assess your abilities to apply for an Australian skilled independent visa. Gather all of your supporting documentation and file an EOI on Skillselect.

If you follow the directions on the Home Affairs website, you will be able to get a 189 visa. Take no shortcuts or be duped by dishonest immigration agents who promise to get you a visa even if your application does not match the immigration rules.

Does that sound convincing? Would you like to learn more? So, here’s how to apply for an Australian Skilled Independent Visa.

What is a Skilled Independent(189) Visa?

Qualified Independent 189 Visas allow skilled foreigners who have not been sponsored by an employer, family member, or state or territory to reside permanently in Australia.

This visa is called “skilled independent” since it does not require sponsorship from a firm, family member, or Australian state. It is purely based on the qualifications and experience of the applicant.

Requirements for health

You must meet specific health requirements, which vary based on your situation, such as time spent in another nation in the past five years, citizenship, and expected activities in Australia.

Health examinations are valid for 12 months.

Character requirements

Certain character requirements must be met. After you turn 16, you must present a police certificate from each nation you lived in for 12 months or longer in the previous ten years.

Benefits of a Skilled Independent Work Visa (Subclass 189)

The Skilled Independent Work Visa provides you and your family with all of the benefits of permanent residence in Australia.

  • Indefinitely work and live in Australia
  • A chance to study in Australia
  • Enroll in Medicare, the government-run healthcare program in Australia.
  • Possibility of applying for citizenship in Australia
  • Sponsor family to live with you permanently.
  • You have complete freedom to travel in and out of Australia.

Best ways to get an Australian Independent Skilled Visa

get an Australian Independent Skilled visa

Here I have discussed the steps required to get an Australian Skilled Independent Visa:

Check the Skilled Occupation Lists to see if your profession is listed.

People whose occupations are listed on the Skilled Occupation List are eligible for visas.

Verify that you meet all eligibility requirements.

The following conditions must be met to obtain the 189 visas:

  • Under the age of 50
  • English proficiency is required.
  • Adhere to the health regulations
  • Meet with the personality requirements
  • No outstanding debts are owed to the Australian government.

Complete a Skills Assessment

You must complete a Skills Assessment and get an acceptable result to be eligible for the Subclass 189 visa. The prerequisites specified in your invitation letter must be met. Instructions on receiving a valid Skills Assessment can be found on the DHA website.

Submit an EOI through SkillSelect

After that, you must use SkillSelect to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). The SkillSelect program will ask you questions about your background, talents, and relevant work history. Concerned authorities will see your EOI and make it reachable to Australian companies wishing to hire someone with your skillset.

To apply for the 189 visas, you must have a nomination or sponsor, and your EOI must meet the visa’s requirements.

Look for a sponsor or apply for a government nomination.

A family member or employer must sponsor or nominate you for a Skilled Independent Work Visa (subclass 189). After finding a suitable sponsor, you’ll receive a letter encouraging you to submit a visa application.

If you don’t have an eligible relative or employer to sponsor you, the SkillSelect program may be able to help you find work. This program connects talented employees with employers looking for employees from other countries. This program may also allow you to be nominated by a state or territory administration.

Ask your sponsor to complete documentation.

Once you’ve found a sponsor, you’ll need to request that they nominate you for the visa. You can frequently apply for this visa while your sponsor does.

Employers can submit an employer nomination application to the DHA online.

Request a Visa

All required documentation must be gathered and submitted within 60 days of receiving the invitation for the visa.

Await a decision.

The DHA will probably take a long time to respond to your visa request. Wait patiently, await the decision.

Get your visa and begin working.

You will be given a visa and be able to start working in Australia after your application is approved.


Although the application process for the visa subclass 189 appears simple, you may miss certain important information. As a result, hiring an immigration specialist or a migration agency to assist you with the procedure is the best option.

CDRWritersAustralia can assist you in your immigration to Australia path. If you are an engineer or an IT expert, you must contact our staff who wishes to come to Australia on a skilled independent visa. We provide comprehensive information about Australia’s Migration Skill Assessment.

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