Complete Migration Skills Assessment Guidelines

Migration Skills Assessment

People from non-Australian countries must wait for the Migration Assessment to qualify for the General Skilled Migration Program and get a permanent residency visa in Australia. The Migration Skills Assessment is a paper-based assessment of your experience and qualification history to determine comparability with Australian standards for skilled workers in your chosen occupation.

This article will teach you about Migration Skills Assessment guidelines, the Migration Skills Assessment process, MSA eligibility, and many more.

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Step by step guidelines to prepare MSA

  • Read the MSA Booklet.
  • Then choose your assessment pathway and collect the document required for skilled migration assessment.
  • Read the Applicant User Guidelines carefully.
  • Create your account with Engineers Australia if you don’t have an account; otherwise, go to step 5.
  • Login to my portal for further process.
  • Start submitting all the documents needed and fill in the required field.
  • Pay the necessary application fee.

Applying the correct assessment pathway can save you extra waiting time and additional fees, and the assessment is also ready on time. If you need clarification on your document and the process of skilled assessment, then we, at CDRWritersAustralia, will help you prepare your assessment. Engineers Australia no longer accepts paper-based applications, and please visit the Engineers Australia official page if you have made a paper-based application.

The information provided by you may match that of the Australian Government. A skills assessment authority is an organization that checks your skills and sets you up to work in a relevant occupation. A suitable skills assessment is mandatory for some visa subclasses and may be requested for others. You must read all the information about the visa you plan to apply for. This allows you to determine if you need to submit a skills assessment and when to obtain it. The MSA program is for migration purposes only.

You can apply for the MSA program if your occupation is listed on the MLTSSL or the STSOL on the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs website. If relevant to your qualification and apprenticeship and also relevant to your employment. The MSA program is for migration purposes only.

Eligibility to apply for the MSA program if your occupation is:

  • Listed on the MLTSSL and in STSOL on the department of home affairs website with TRA as relevant skills assessing authority.
  • Relevant to qualification.
  • Relevant to your employment.

Fees of Migration Skills Assessment:

The assessment fees are available on the official website of Engineers Australia. Note: Extra fees can be charged depending on the additional services. You’ll get a discount when you submit your regular assessment and extra service applications simultaneously. If you apply for extra services after the standard assessment, you will be charged the full cost for each additional service. The following payment options are accepted:

  • Using Your Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express)
  •  BPAY – For BPAY data, you must request an invoice (Biller Code and Reference Number)

Upon request, alternative payment options may be available. The money for the assessment is non-refundable. Tax on Goods and Services (GST)

  •  Applicants living in Australia must pay a 10% GST on the application cost.
  •  Applicants who live outside of Canada and submit an application from there are exempt from paying GST.
  •  Applicants from outside Australia who apply for assessment through an agency in Australia are exempt from paying GST.

Migration Skills Assessment costs $1000, and Migration Skills Assessment Review of Outcome costs $900. The payment of this MSA Program can be made online through Visa or MasterCard debit or credit card through the TIA Online Portal. If you are unsatisfied with all your processes, you can take general advice about the MSA process and assessment standards before lodging your application.

Migration Skills Assessment process

Career Episodes are prepared based on the working experience and can be written entirely in your own words. They do not provide information on migration or visa requirements. The assessment process will be completed within 30 days of submitting all the necessary information, and the application process will be delayed unless you complete your document or information. If you need a skills assessment and a qualification assessment, you do not need to submit two different applications; you need to submit a skills assessment application that completes both assessments.

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After submitting an online application, a confirmation will be sent to your email address. This contains your CDR reference number and password instructions, which you can use to check the progress of your application via the online application status.

By logging into Engineers Australia’s myPortal, you will be able to monitor the progress of your application. If your assessor requires further information, you will receive an email notification that you have a job in the system. For information on the request and to submit any further paperwork, you must go to Engineers Australia’s myPortal. 

All the applications are processed as soon as possible, depending on the document’s quality and the information provided. Applications are already being processed more quickly than those that still need to comply with the guidelines and requests for additional documentation.

CDRWritersAustralia, for your guidance. 

Engineers Australia has certified writers that will aid you in writing your report on demand based on their years of expertise in assessment intake. The EA criteria are well-known, and we rigorously follow each guideline to ensure that your assessment is performed correctly. On request, we can create CDR reports, RPL reports, KA02 reports, and various other high-quality reports.


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