Skill Assessment Outcome Letter from Engineers Australia

Skill Assessment Outcome Letter from Engineers Australia

Did you submit the final draft of your CDR Report for skill assessment to Engineers Australia? Are you worried it won’t be accepted? 

Skill evaluations are provided by the appropriate skill evaluating agencies. A skill evaluating authority is an organization that verifies that your talents match the requirements for employment in a certain occupation. The majority of vocations on each list have their method of determining authority. Only a skills evaluation issued by the appropriate assessing authority will be accepted. It is your obligation to contact the appropriate assessing authority for your employment and, if necessary, receive a skills evaluation. Each assessing authority has its own set of procedures, deadlines, and costs.

An appropriate skills assessment is required for some visa subclasses (and streams) and may be requested for others. You should read all of the information available regarding the visa you want to apply for. This will help you evaluate whether or not you need to submit a skills assessment and when you need to get one. Authorities in charge of testing abilities may provide more than one form of evaluation. A skills evaluation that satisfies the standards for permanent migration is required. The criteria used by an evaluating authority for the various sorts of skills tests are established and aligned with their relevant professional standards.

You can see the present status of your report in the Engineers Australia portal. If your assessor requires additional information, you will receive an email notification notifying you that you have a task to perform in the system. Any extra paperwork should be acquired and submitted.

If the assessment is successful, you will get an evaluation letter suitable for migration reasons through email. The outcome letter may be checked online by inputting the application data on the assessment outcome verification page. Please note that from Engineers Australia‘s perspective, the evaluation letter has no expiration date. We are aware, however, that the Department of Home Affairs’ validity policy may differ. As a result, please contact Engineers Australia for advice if the Department of Home Affairs wants an updated letter.

Your evaluation date, licensed occupational category, and a copy of your result letter will be visible to third parties. Third parties, such as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, can examine your findings by filling out the necessary boxes on the outcome verification page (DIBP). Case officers at the DIBP utilize their password-protected access to learn more about your application.

What is included in your Skill Assessment Outcome Letter? 

In the outcome letter, the assessor says that the abilities you demonstrated in your competency demonstration report (CDR) meet the current standards for their classified job. According to the letter, your qualification must also meet the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level as the highest applicable qualification under the General Skilled Migration points test.

You must apply for and pay for Relevant Skilled Employment, which is a distinct evaluation service. If you have not applied for this additional service, your employment will not be represented in the result letter. And, if you’ve applied for it, it’ll be judged based on the results of your evaluation.

It’s important to remember that all advice provided in the result letter is based on evidence as provided, and the assessment does not constitute a judgment as to the truth of allegations made. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s delegated authorities have exclusive power to determine points under the skilled migration points test.

What happens if you get rejected?

There are many reasons why Engineers Australia rejected your CDR assessment. We have described the common reasons why applicants face harsh rejection from EA. All the decisions made on your outcome letter are strictly based on the information, project reports you provided. They also consider the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s evaluation points and the skilled migration points test.

If they find anything related to plagiarism or not following their guidelines properly, you will be rejected from the program, and a twelve-month ban will be imposed. This means you cannot process your application for the next twelve months. In such a case, you have the option to appeal for an informal evaluation of your application. We have described them briefly below. 

Review and Appeal Application

Is your EA assessor’s outcome letter satisfactory to you? If you believe your evaluation did not turn out as planned, you can file a review and appeal application.

Within three months of receiving your outcome letter, you must submit a review application. You’ll need to make the appropriate modifications to the “Application for Review of Outcome Letter” form. You must attach a cover letter that explains why you are requesting a review. You will not be able to add any extra information that you did not include in your application.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your review letter, you can file an appeal. After receiving your review outcome letter, you must file an appeal application. Within six months of getting your original outcome letter, you must apply for an appeal. You must complete and submit an Application for Appeal of the assessment outcome, as well as the appeal application fee. The appeal application is the last step in the review process.

Suppose the conclusion of these applications is the same as the original assessment outcome letter, and no new documents were given. In that case, EA will refund the money paid for the review and appeal application.

Why choose us for your assessment? 

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