How to obtain maximum points to be eligible for the Australian Skilled immigration for Engineers?

Australian Skilled immigration points for Engineering applicant

We are well aware of the increasing number of migrants to Australia every year in search of employment opportunities along with a high standard of living. Australia has wide open arms to the applicants who are skilled enough and can aid the economic growth of the country overall. General Skilled Migration is one of the common visa pathways chosen by professional occupations like engineering and ICT. 

To be eligible for skilled migration, engineers and ICT professionals will have to provide a skill assessment report known as CDR and RPL. Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society are the official assessing authority for the respective reports. 

Not every application is expected to receive a favourable conclusion owing to a lack of higher scores. If you are a professional engineer applying for the General Skilled Migration, it is best to acquire more points to obtain a positive response from EA.

CDR report and its role in achieving higher points

Applicants prepare Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) with education backgrounds not accredited from Washington, Dublin, and Sydney Accord. CDR report is a must for these applicants, reflecting the skills, knowledge, and working expertise they’ve gained to date. Curriculum Vitae, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) report, Three Career Episodes, and a Summary Statement are all parts of a CDR report. A perfect CDR Report will assist you in obtaining the most points in the Australian immigration procedure. If you are an engineer and want to maximize your points for the immigration procedure, you will need the best CDR Report. Engineers Australia has created guidelines for the Australian immigration application. The EA assessor reviews and grades the CDR Report based on your engineering specialities as well as your English language capabilities. The CDR Report for engineers is one of the most critical factors in determining your skilled migration as an engineer. As a result, you must present nearly authentic CDR reports with detailed information papers for the most outstanding results. For any skilled engineer who wants to move to Australia, the CDR Report Writing becomes a critical and intricate part of the process.

Here we describe some of the basic rules while preparing your CDR report to help you achieve maximum points. 

Considering EA Rules

The MSA Guidelines, which are included in the MSA booklet, containing all of the information concerning the Career Episodes, Summary Statement, and CPD. As a result, the directions offered by it should be thoroughly studied, and obtaining a reference from EA authorized samples would also be beneficial to you. Samples that have been EA validated are easily available for download on our websites. These CDR samples are to be used for reference purposes only, whose sole aim is to assist you in writing an excellent report that will get you the most PR points.

Generating strategic plan

Once you have all of the important information regarding CDR reports, projects, Career Episodes, and so on, it is best to formulate a methodology and focus on new preparation.

Begin To write

For Career Episode, you should select three independent topics. The writing portion is challenging since you must reflect on all of the work on the report without overdoing or neglecting it.

Engineers Australia needs every aspect of your abilities and expertise in the report, so don’t leave anything out. As a result, it is ideal to opt for CDR writing agents with years of experience in the field. Being one of the most reliable CDR service providers in Australia, we provide cdr writing and cdr reviewing services and EA-approved cdr samples for reference.

Reevaluating and Reflecting

After drafting the Career Episodes, go over the summary statements and CPD. You must thoroughly examine all documents to ensure that all technical components have been included.

In order to maintain language quality, grammar and spelling mistakes must be corrected.

Why set goals to earn maximum points for Australian Visa? 

The more points you get, the better your chances of getting your visa processed. When an opportunity for Skilled employment becomes available, it fills up faster than ever. Everyone wants to seize the opportunity, which promotes competition. However, with more points, you have a better chance of being invited. The required minimum score is between 60 and 65 points. Here let us discuss various ways to earn extra credit points to increase your chance of getting invited. 

Factors to achieve maximum points for australian immigration

English Language Criteria

If the candidates achieve the following marks at the professional level, they will receive an extra 10 points.

  1. IELTS 7 +  
  2.  65+ mark for PTE
  3.  B pass for ET
  4.  24 in L , 27 in W, 24 in R, 23 in S for TOEFL

 In contrast, an additional 20 points will be awarded for superior level if the candidate obtains the following points.

  1.  IELTS 8 +
  2.   79 + mark in PTE,
  3.   A pass for ET
  4.   28 in L, 30 in W, 29 in R, 26 in S for TOEFL

 If your score is lower than the required level, no points will be achieved.

 Sponsorship by the State (Visa 190)

The highest number of points you may receive is 5 with the sponsorship state visa. This visa is not the same as the 189 visas. This Visa requires you to spend the first two years of your stay in the designated area.

Program for Professional Year

You will gain an additional five points for participating in the professional year program. It is possible to obtain if you have finished a professional year program in Australia. It will train you for professional work in the country.

Sponsorship in the Region

Regional sponsorship is under the scope of visa 489. It is a temporary visa that will be upgraded to permanent residency after four years. You may earn a total of 10 points with this Visa. According to this visa, you must relocate to a regional area to qualify for this point. You must stay in the chosen region for four years, after which you will be granted permanent residency.

Study in an Australian Regional Area

If you have opted to finish your studies in a regional location, it has a lot more to offer. You will gain an extra ten points if you complete your studies from any regional location. It might be a higher education degree, a bachelor’s degree, a certification, a master’s degree, or any other course that lasts at least two years.

Work Experience 

There is a high probability that you will gain extra points if you have done your skilled work in Australia. Three years of overseas experience is equivalent to one year of employment if you are in Australia.

For applicants staying outside Australia

  1. 5 points for applicants with three years of experience but less than five years  
  2. 10 points for applicants with five years of experience but less than eight years
  3. 15 points for applicants with eight years of experience

For applicants staying inside Australia

  1.  5 points for applicants with one year of experience but less than three years
  2. 10 points for applicants with three years of experience but less than five years 
  3. 15 points for applicants with five years of experience but less than eight years
  4. 20 points for applicants with eight years of experience

 National Accreditation Authority (NAATI Exam)

The NAATI examination will provide you with five extra points. This test is also known as community language points since the government provides it to promote multiculturalism. You will be required to take this examination within Australia.

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