Guide on writing an outstanding Summary Statement for your CDR report

Guide on writing an outstanding Summary Statement for your CDR report

Summary Statement is a brief explanation of all three career episodes, including all the units and competency elements. They play a significant part in the Competency Demonstration Report (CDR). CDR report comprises a Curriculum Vitae, Continuing Professional Development (CPD), three career episodes, and a Summary Statement. 

Out of all these reports, the summary statement is the main gist of the overall report. It gives EA assessors an idea of what the report is about. The summary statement emphasizes your primary engineering abilities as well as your management qualities. Your summary statement should be written in an easy-to-understand format for your EA assessor. It is prepared in a tabular structure with the competence aspects indicated, and it should be closely related to the CDR episodes. An applicant needs to provide three career episodes highlighting their engineering activities. The summary statement is the report that is prepared following the career episode. Once you have finished all three portions of the career episode, you must assess them to confirm that you have covered all of the competency components within the selected occupational category. The evaluation’s outcome will be represented in the summary statement. It connects all of the competency aspects to each paragraph in the career episode. The four categories of engineering include Professional Engineer, Engineering Manager, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Technologist. The template required by EA for each of the four categories is distinct, and it must be written following the format specified by Engineers Australia

Summary statement Competency elements 

Summary statement Competency elements

The competency elements are categorized into three sections. 

 Knowledge and Skill Base

In this part, you can demonstrate your engineering field’s knowledge and skills and give proof from your career episode. At least two indications from this section should be covered—developing adequate research orientation skills and expertise in your engineering subject. You need to know the influencing factors in your engineering field and grasp them as you learn new things. 

Engineering Application Ability 

In this part, you must demonstrate your engineering ability and how you have used your knowledge in the engineering industry. Attempt to cover at least three indications from this section. All of the analysis and design processes related to your profession of engineering should be defined. You should be able to implement a systematic methodology that provides management with direction in engineering projects.

 Professional and Personal Attributes 

In this part, you showcase your engineering ability and characteristics, such as work ethic and communication skills. In the engineering area, compelling and persuasive communication is essential, along with an inventive, productive, and creative mentality.

How to Create Your Summary Statement?

Do you intend to write a summary statement on your own? We understand how puzzled you may be. It is challenging for a beginner to draft a summary statement without proper rules and expertise. This is why we will instruct you on how to write an excellent summary statement report. But if you insist, we have provided many samples to help you write down your summary statement. A summary statement should be unique and relate to the projects you’ve accomplished. EA has eased the process as we can readily find the summary statement template on their websites. Here are some of the essential things to perfect your summary statement. 

Engineering academic profile

During your academic year, you must supply all essential documentation concerning your engineering experience. You need to include all of the honors and credits you’ve received during your engineering career. If you have worked on many projects throughout your engineering career, please describe how you dealt with the challenge and came up with a viable solution. The EA assessors will be able to judge your talents in handling various duties due to this.

Professional Profile

In your summary report, include your working experience. Mention the names of all the companies for which you’ve worked, as well as the roles you’ve performed. Please provide a brief description of any issues you encountered while working with the organization and how you dealt with them. All of the tasks on which you worked should be detailed. Avoid discussing teamwork because this report should be focused on the one in which you participated.

Course works and other workshops

 Mention any further degrees or classes you’ve taken outside of your undergraduate study. Applicants can take part in online training courses related to their field of profession. You can include the details of any classes, seminars, or other events that helped you to grow your career in your summary statement. This will indicate to the EA assessors your interest in your subject.

Some valuable tips for outstanding Summary Statements

Engineers Australia expects each migrant engineer to write their own CDR report. However, if the report is not prepared in accordance with the MSA booklet requirements, the EA may reject your CDR. Here are a few things to consider if you are writing your summary statement. 

  • Always use Australian English so that it is easy for the EA assessor to review your report and you get your result in a short period. 
  • Format of text, styles, grammar, and spelling should be taken into proper consideration.
  • Use active voice and a first-person basis while defining the task you performed. 
  • Write down the task you performed, not the one your teammate did. 
  • As EA is strict on plagiarism, ensure your content is 100% original and not copied from any sources. Use references, citing phrases taken from other sources.  
  • The summary statement is what the EA assessor will be reviewing first. As the first impression is the last one, properly cross-reference to the relevant career episode topics.

Professional Agents to write your Summary Statement Report

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