Lack of skilled manpower in Australia: High demand for engineers

High demand for engineers

In this article, we will discuss the benefits that engineers enjoy in Australia, as well as how to pursue this career in that country and the pay that a professional engineer earns. You must have a recognized engineering degree and be fluent in English, both of which are required to advance in this career in Australia. And, the plus point is Australia has a high demand for engineers in different regions.

The engineering profession is highly valued in Australia, so if you are a recent graduate who speaks English well, you have every opportunity to move to this country and advance economically. Australia offers various work options, high quality of life, and competitive earnings, especially in the engineering field.

Engineering is one of the most in-demand professions, as businesses from many disciplines and specialties are looking for this skill to benefit the industrial sector. As a result, Australia is regarded as one of the best places in the world to work as an engineer.

The following are the most popular engineering specialties in Australia, together with their projected yearly salaries:

  • Engineers in the mining industry (AUD$ 110,000)
  • Engineers in the chemical, oil, and gas industries (AUD$ 100,000)
  • Engineers in Electronics (AUD$90,000)
  • Engineers in construction (AUD$ 92,000)
  • Civil Engineers (AUD$ 105,000)
  • Engineers in aeronautical maintenance (AUD$ 90,000)

In addition, several Australian organizations are looking for freshly graduated engineers who want to be trained according to the position’s criteria so that they can adjust to the Australian system. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for these young engineers who have recently gotten their degrees. If they wish to come to Australia and take advantage of this work opportunity with the greatest attitude possible, gaining experience and adding value to their academic knowledge.

Getting a job in Australia with a professional degree (Visa 476)

Applying for a job after completing your university education will allow you to work full-time in some of Australia’s best-paying jobs. This is the most popular choice, which is why two years of master’s, undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, or doctorate studies in an Australian institution are required. You must apply to the Department of Home Affairs for this visa and pay a cost of $1,650 AUD$.

Working as an engineer in Australia

Engineers in Australia are needed in a variety of economic areas, and these professionals face no difficulties in finding work in this country. However, the number of vacancies fluctuates depending on the city and the area’s economic activity. As a result, we have described the five Australian cities with the most engineering jobs:

Sydney: It is one of Australia’s most populous cities with a high demand for skilled manpower in technology and management. Project engineering and management are in high demand in this city.

Melbourne: It is also a huge metropolis where competent personnel in technology and manufacturing is always in demand. Process, supervisory, and programming jobs are in high demand.

Brisbane: Engineers specializing in the fields of construction, mining, and technology are in high demand in Brisbane, as these are the region’s principal businesses.

Adelaide: Engineers with experience in manufacturing, gas, mining, and construction are in high demand in Adelaide.

Perth: It is the country’s most productive mining region. Industrial process engineering, mining, and other related fields are the most in-demand.

Most in-demand engineering programs in Australia

Australia has a shortage of skilled or trained manpower in the engineering field. An enormous number of projects are generated each year in this country but due to the lack of labor, there is a high demand for migrant employees.

engineering programs in Australia

Here is the most in-demand engineering degrees in the country, as well as the salaries associated with each of them:

Civil and construction engineers

Due to Australia’s ongoing shortage of skilled labor, civil and construction is the best paid and has the most vacancies. The compensation of a professional in this industry ranges from 55,000 to 180,000 AUD$ each year.

Computer and system engineers and programmers

The system, computer, and programming engineers are the most popular and have a higher priority. Engineers’ annual salaries range from 50,000 to 180,000 Australian dollars.

Geology or Mining engineers

Mining is a broad field of labor in Australia, and it is one of the country’s major sources of revenue, hence engineers specializing in mining or geology are in high demand, with yearly salaries ranging from 80,000 to 190,000 AUD$.

Mechanical, Industrial, and Process engineers

Manufacturing is a key industry in various Australian states, such as Victoria, Western Australia, and Queensland. So, obviously mechanical, industrial, and process engineering jobs are in demand. Engineers’ salaries range from 60,000 to 120,000 Australian dollars per year.

Environmental engineers

Australia is a country concerned about natural resources and the environment; as a result, industries are frequently required to perform quality controls and protect the environment. So there is high demand for engineers who specialize in this field, with annual salaries ranging from 60,000 to 120,000 AUD$.

Telecommunications engineers

Engineers in this discipline are in high demand due to the existence of various telecommunications businesses. These professionals’ annual salaries range from 60,000 to 120,000 Australian dollars.

Chemical engineers

These engineers have the opportunity to work in a variety of areas, giving them a diverse set of alternatives. Engineers’ wages range from 70,000 to 130,000 Australian dollars per year.

Agricultural engineers

As a result of the agricultural industry’s rapid rise in recent years, agricultural engineers in Australia are in high demand, with yearly salaries ranging from 65,000 to 110,000 AUD$.

Types of visas to work as an engineer in Australia

In order to work as an engineer in Australia, you must have a valid visa. Many individuals confuse the permanent resident visa and the work visa at this point because these are the two ways to work there.

There are numerous sorts of work visas available, the most frequent of which is the 482. This visa does not give permanent residency and must be secured through a working relationship with a lawfully registered Australian or foreign company that has received immigration department clearance.

The skilled migration program is another way to work as an engineer in Australia. It is a long-running program that was established with the goal of organizing Australian migration and meeting labor needs.

Unlike the visa described above, the option to apply for permanent residency examines the applicant’s academic and job background. Permanent residence allows the candidate to work in any Australian company and enjoy Australian citizen privileges.

Visa 476 Australia

This is a 476 postgraduate visa that permits recent engineering graduates to finish their engineering studies in selected Australian educational institutions under the Washington Agreement, as well as study, live, and work in Australia. This visa is only valid for one and a half years.

The engineering degree must have been earned at one of the country’s authorized educational institutions. It is important to highlight that attending a college or university that is affiliated with one of these recognized institutions is not the same as attending one of these recognized institutions.

If you are from another nation, the essential criterion is to show documentation of passing one of the specified English language tests with the required scores for this visa. The English language test must be completed before applying.

As previously stated, this visa subclass 476 (Qualified and Recognized Graduate Visa) is a temporary visa that allows students who have recently graduated with an engineering degree from an authorized university to work in engineering-related occupations for up to 18 months.

After the visa is issued, the applicant’s family can also apply for a visa. The holder and his family can stay in Australia for only 18 months with this visa, and they have the freedom to travel, work, and study while they are there.

Requirements for the Skilled recognized graduate visa 476

The following are some of the conditions for applying for a 476 visa:

  • Must be recent engineering graduates or graduates from recognized Australian educational institutions, with a minimum of 18 months qualifying work experience.
  • This visa is only available to people who are at least 31 years old.
  • The applicants who have completed an engineering degree at a recognized Australian institution within the last two years
  • Unless he or she is a family member, who has never previously held a recognized qualified graduate (subclass 476) or temporary graduate (subclass 485) visa.
  • Have a good command of English
  • To apply for this visa, you must meet all of the required character and health standards.

What is the migration skills assessment?

The Migration Skills Assessment (MSA) Program is for applicants who need a skills assessment in order to apply for a skilled migration visa with the Department of Internal Affairs.

This skills assessment evaluates if an applicant has the abilities and experience required to work as an engineer in Australia.

You need to submit the Competency Demonstration Report along with other important documents to Engineers Australia. The authorizing body Engineers Australia evaluates your CDR report to analyze your engineering skills, knowledge, and competencies.

The perfect CDR report only leads to a positive assessment. You must learn about guidelines and format through the MSA booklet. The EA has set different rules and regulations for CDR. You can also get professional help from CDRWritersAustralia to prepare your CDR report. We have years of experience in writing CDR reports for every engineering field. You can get a high-quality report from our professional writers and get a positive assessment from Engineers Australia.

You must submit a set of requirements to Engineers Australia, which are listed below:

  • Three career episodes with distinct projects that elaborate your engineering skills, knowledge, and experience.
  • A summary statement
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Transcripts of the courses you’ve taken throughout your career.
  • Copy of the engineering degree or finished studies
  • Result of IELTS is an English proficiency test
  • Passport photocopy
  • Recent Curriculum Vitae
  • Passport Size photograph


Australia is a country full of opportunities for engineers. You can migrate there with any visa that is suitable as per your job and education. Don’t hesitate to move to Australia; the country has plenty of opportunities for students as well as skilled migrants. You can take our professional assistance for migration skills assessment. We provide consultation and CDR report writing services for all applicants who have a dream to migrate to Australia.

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