MLTSSL – Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List – 20 January 2018 List

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List

The Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) is a list of high-demand occupations. The MLTSSL has taken the place of Australia’s previous Skilled Occupation List (SOL). The government will review this newly established occupation list every year, much as the old Skilled Occupation List. The government publishes the in-demand jobs in the country on its MLTSSL list, which skilled overseas workers can enrol for.

Who can nominate an occupation from MLTSSL?

Foreign skilled workers with the abilities and experience to get employment in any of the occupations included in the MLTSSL can submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) online for any of the jobs mentioned. MLTSSL allows applicants to nominate an occupation for any of the visa categories listed below.

  • Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 491) (unless nominated by a State or Territory Government)
  • Temporary Graduate visa (subclass 485) – Graduate Work Stream.

Note: The Australian government has closed the Regional Skilled Migration Scheme Visa Subclass 489 for new applicants. With effect from November 16, 2019, a new visa, the Skilled Work Regional (Provisional) visa Subclass 491, has replaced this visa.

The Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MTLSSL) includes a set of skilled occupations determined by the Department of Education and Training (DET) and the Department of Home Affairs (formerly DIBP).

This list complements both the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) and the Regional Occupation List (ROL).

The MLTSSL, or Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List, is a list of jobs that qualify for consideration as part of an applicant’s Australian visa application issued by the Australian government.

You must have an occupation listed on the MLTSSL if you wish to move to Australia under permanent skilled visa schemes. You must select an occupation from the MLTSSL to do so.

Occupations on the MLTSSL

Occupations that appear on the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) are listed below from the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Skilled Classification of Occupations) to determine which visa program may be available to you depending on your occupation. This list is valid from January 20, 2018.

 Medium and Long‑term Strategic Skills List

ItemOccupationANZSCO codeInapplicability conditions (see footnotes below this table)
1chief executive or managing director1111115
2corporate general manager1112115
3corporate general manager1112115
4horse breeder1213169, 10
5engineering manager133211
6child care centre manager134111
7nursing clinical director134212
8primary health organisation manager134213
9welfare centre manager134214
10faculty head134411
11chief information officer135111
12environmental manager139912
13musician (instrumental)211213
14accountant (general)2211116, 18, 20
15management accountant2211126, 18, 20
16taxation accountant2211136, 18, 20
17external auditor221213
18internal auditor221214
22land economist224511
24management consultant22471118, 20, 22
26landscape architect232112
29other spatial scientist232214
30chemical engineer233111
31materials engineer233112
32civil engineer233211
33geotechnical engineer233212
34quantity surveyor233213
35structural engineer233214
36transport engineer233215
37electrical engineer233311
38electronics engineer233411
39industrial engineer233511
40mechanical engineer233512
41production or plant engineer233513
42mining engineer (excluding petroleum)233611
43petroleum engineer233612
44aeronautical engineer233911
45agricultural engineer233912
46biomedical engineer233913
47engineering technologist233914
48environmental engineer233915
49naval architect233916
50engineering professionals (nec)233999
51agricultural consultant234111
52agricultural scientist234112
55food technologist234212
56environmental consultant234312
57environmental research scientist234313
58environmental scientists (nec)234399
61life scientist (general)234511
65marine biologist234516
68life scientists (nec)234599
69medical laboratory scientist234611
75natural and physical science professionals (nec)234999
76early childhood (pre‑primary school) teacher241111
77secondary school teacher241411
78special needs teacher241511
79teacher of the hearing impaired241512
80teacher of the sight impaired241513
81special education teachers (nec)241599
82university lecturer2421111
83medical diagnostic radiographer251211
84medical radiation therapist251212
85nuclear medicine technologist251213
88orthotist or prosthetist251912
91occupational therapist252411
95speech pathologist252712
96general practitioner253111
97specialist physician (general medicine)253311
99clinical haematologis253313
100medical oncologist253314
103intensive care specialist253317
106renal medicine specialist253322
108thoracic medicine specialist253324
109specialist physicians (nec)253399
111surgeon (general)253511
112cardiothoracic surgeon253512
114orthopaedic surgeon253514
116paediatric surgeon253516
117plastic and reconstructive surgeon253517
119vascular surgeon253521
121emergency medicine specialist253912
122obstetrician and gynaecologist253913
125diagnostic and interventional radiologist253917
126radiation oncologist253918
127medical practitioners (nec)253999
129nurse practitioner254411
130registered nurse (aged care)254412
131registered nurse (child and family health)254413
132registered nurse (community health)254414
133registered nurse (critical care and emergency)254415
134registered nurse (developmental disability)254416
135registered nurse (disability and rehabilitation)254417
136registered nurse (medical)254418
137registered nurse (medical practice)254421
138registered nurse (mental health)254422
139registered nurse (perioperative)254423
140registered nurse (surgical)254424
141registered nurse (paediatrics)254425
142registered nurses (nec)254499
143ICT business analyst261111
144systems analyst261112
145multimedia specialist261211
146analyst programmer261311
147developer programmer261312
148software engineer261313
149software and applications programmers (nec)261399
150ICT security specialist262112
151computer network and systems engineer263111
152telecommunications engineer263311
153telecommunications network engineer263312
156clinical psychologist272311
157educational psychologist272312
158organisational psychologist272313
159psychologists (nec)272399
160social worker272511
161civil engineering draftsperson312211
162civil engineering technician312212
163electrical engineering draftsperson312311
164electrical engineering technician312312
165radio communications technician313211
166telecommunications field engineer313212
167telecommunications technical officer or technologist313214
168automotive electrician321111
169motor mechanic (general)321211
170diesel motor mechanic321212
171motorcycle mechanic321213
172small engine mechanic321214
173sheetmetal trades worker322211
174metal fabricator322311
175welder (first class)322313
176fitter (general)323211
177fitter and turner323212
179metal machinist (first class)323214
184carpenter and joiner331211
187painting trades worker332211
189fibrous plasterer333211
190solid plasterer333212
191wall and floor tiler333411
192plumber (general)334111
193airconditioning and mechanical services plumber334112
196roof plumber334115
197electrician (general)341111
198electrician (special class)341112
199lift mechanic341113
200airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic342111
201technical cable jointer342212
202electronic equipment trades worker342313
203electronic instrument trades worker (general)342314
204electronic instrument trades worker (special class)342315
205chef3513117, 8
206horse trainer361112
208boat builder and repairer399111

Positions for which occupation is inapplicable

1The position does not require a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.
2The position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD65,000.
3(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD65,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
4(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD80,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
5(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD180,001; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
6The position is a clerical, bookkeeper or accounting clerk position.
7The position is involved in mass production in a factory setting.
8The position is in a limited service restaurant.
9The position predominantly involves responsibility for low‑skilled tasks.

Example 1: Rostering, maintaining records, reception duties and allocating duties to
housekeepers, porters or doorpersons.

Example 2: Fruit picking or packing or feeding of livestock or animals.

Example 3: Truck driving.
10The position is not located in regional Australia (within the meaning of subregulation 5.19(7) of the Regulations).
11The position:

(a) is based in a front‑line retail setting; or

(b) predominantly involves direct client transactional interaction on a regular basis.
12The position:

(a) is not a full‑time position; or

(b) is not based in a therapeutic setting; or

(c) involves the provision of non‑medical relaxation massage; or

(d) is in a retail setting.
13The position:

(a) is not located in a commercial building or shopping centre environment; or

(b) predominantly involves managing the provision of only one particular service to a facility or managing one particular relationship.

Example: Managing the cleaning contract for a facility but not other contracts relevant
to the facility.
14The position:

(a) is based in a front‑line retail setting; or

(b) is based in a call centre and does not require a significant technical knowledge of products; or

(c) predominantly involves selling educational courses to individual students.
15The position relates to mobile phone repairs.
16The position relates to mass or standardised production (as opposed to specialist production), including the following:

(a) a position based in a franchise or factory;

(b) a position that:

(i) involves full or partial production of food product for distribution to another location; or

(ii) predominantly involves the use of pre‑prepared food product from another location.
17The position relates to animal husbandry, including caring for livestock on a farm.
18The position is in a business that has an annual turnover of less than AUD1,000,000.
19(a) the position is in a business that has an annual turnover of less than AUD1,000,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
20The position is in a business that has fewer than 5 employees.
21(a) the position is in a business that has fewer than 5 employees; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
22The position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD90,000.

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