Top 8 Jobs in Australia for Skilled Migration

Jobs in Australia for Skilled Migration

Most migrants apply for the Skilled Migration Program to work in Australia. International workers and students’ main concern is determining which career is most suited to their skills and leads to an Australian Permanent Residency Pathway.

Every year Australia’s Skilled occupation list is updated, so you have to be up-to-date with the list. Currently, the DHA has updated 200 occupations. Before you begin, you should be informed of the various Demand jobs in Australia in 2022. The truth is that all jobs have a ceiling with scores that must be met.

Applicants who receive good marks are invited to apply for state nomination in Australia. It is for professionals in healthcare, engineering, information technology, accounting, social work, and trade occupations to earn the most points to be invited.

You must comprehend the varied procedures before applying for General Skilled Migration visas, as the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) has been updated for 2022. You should be informed of the top jobs in Australia for skilled migrants before proceeding any further.

In this article, we will discuss the top 8 jobs in Australia for skilled migration.

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High demand jobs in Australia for Skilled Migration in 2024

Average salaries of highly demanded job in Australia

The following list of high demand jobs in Australia in 2024 will assist job seekers in determining what they should do. You must assess your abilities to be considered for a specific job. Australia pays you a good amount of money if you possess good skills and meet all the requirements.

With the help of the high-demand and highest-paying jobs in Australia below, you can improve your chances of getting recruited and sustaining a standard life.

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Nursing skills are in high need in Australia. Career prospects for people with prior nursing experience and those about to graduate from nursing programs are excellent, with several employment vacancies.

Tasks and duties

  • Planning nursing requirements and creating a care plan.
  • Taking and recording vital signs, such as patient temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar.
  • Collecting patient samples.
  • Providing pre- and post-operative nursing care.
  • Making care notes
  • Giving patients and their families emotional support.
  • Medication administration and monitoring, as well as intravenous drips
  • Tutoring and supervising junior nurses and students.

Salary range: 95k (Source: SEEK)

Software Developer

In Australia, there is always a demand for software developers. You can work in a team and fulfill deadlines if you have extensive programming language and software expertise. Marketing firms and tech companies hire individuals with software development experts.

Tasks and duties

  • Investigate, design, test, implement, and assess new or existing software programs and products.
  • Modify and improve software programs by writing and executing code.
  • Maintain and upgrade programs while ensuring that user training is provided.

Salary: $95k (Source: SEEK)

Electrical engineers

In Australia, electrical engineering skills are in high demand for jobs in Australia (circuit design, electrical schematics, building and managing computer systems, and so on). You’ll have no trouble finding work if you’ve completed electrical engineering schooling and have your licenses and certificates up to date.

Tasks and duties

  • Create new electrical-powered systems.
  • Electrical systems and processes must be installed and tested.
  • Plan, design, and improve electrical systems using the software.
  • Develop manufacturing, construction, and installation standards and specifications using detailed calculations.

Salary: $105k (Source: SEEK)

Project Manager

In Australia, project managers are required in all industries to ensure that businesses run effectively and that projects are finished on time and within budget. Project managers must have industry-specific expertise and a wide range of soft skills.

They must be excellent communicators, organized, and capable of encouraging others. You’ll have a good chance of landing one of the many project manager positions that are currently available.

Tasks and duties

  • Recruiting and managing the project team.
  • Project management and task delegation as needed.
  • Project planning meetings.
  • Signing off on contracts.
  • Managing project documentation.
  • Coordination of the tender response process
  • Documentation, management, and risk reporting
  • Reports to senior leaders must be prepared and delivered.
  • Process optimization and team productivity

Salary: $135k (Source: SEEK)


Teaching is one of the most demanding jobs in Australia (secondary teacher). If you have teaching training and experience, you should have no trouble finding work here. Teachers who are experts in a particular subject, such as math or language, are in high demand right now. If you have these skills on your resume, you will stand out from other candidates applying for the same positions.

Tasks and duties

  • Creating lesson plans to teach specific content in specific subjects.
  • Teaching secondary school students content and subject matter using various materials meets state curriculum requirements.
  • Assessing, documenting, and reporting students’ growth, learning, and progress.

Salary: $135k (Source: SEEK)

Account and finance manager

In Australia, there are several accounting and finance-related job opportunities. Many of these jobs will be open to you if you have accounting training and experience with bookkeeping and payroll. Analysts and consultants that can supply valuable financial insights to numerous companies and people can also find work.

Tasks and duties

  • Working with the business development and sales teams to hand customers over smoothly to each other.
  • Ensuring deliverables are received in an accurate and timely way
  • Preserving the customer relationship.
  • Problem-solving for customers
  • Acting as the key liaison between customers and internal teams.

Salary: $85k (Source: SEEK)

Customer service Manager

Customer service abilities are in high demand jobs in Australia, but they’re especially vital now. Companies of all types are looking for people who are patient and skilled communicators, from retail shops to IT enterprises. Especially if you’ve previously worked in customer service, there’s a good chance you’ll have a lot of job opportunities if you check these boxes.

Tasks and duties

  • Coaching the customer service team on how to provide the best possible service.
  • Managing complex or escalated inquiries
  • Team members’ responsibilities are delegated.
  • Sales generation and customer relationship management
  • Meeting with internal teams to discuss company goals and objectives.
  • Reporting on team performance.

Salary: $80k (Source: SEEK)

Civil Engineering

Civil engineering talents are currently in high demand jobs in Australia. It takes a lot to be a skilled civil engineer, from solid mathematics and physics understanding to good project management and organization skills. However, if you have these skills and the relevant degrees and certifications, you’ll have no trouble finding work.

Tasks and duties

  • Analyze site locations and surrounding areas to determine the viability of a construction project.
  • Using various computer software programs, create detailed designs and plans, and resolve any design challenges.
  • Manage project budgets and resources to ensure the construction follows all applicable rules, regulations, and guidelines.

Salary: $105k (Source: SEEK)

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To sum up, Australia is a central hub for many job opportunities. The demand for a highly skilled workforce is increasing rapidly, and this article shows the high demand and highest-paying jobs in Australia in 2022.

Are there any jobs on this list of Australia’s most in-demand careers in 2022 pique your interest? If that’s the case, start honing your skills and putting together a resume so you may apply and improve your chances of getting employed!

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