How to find a job in Australia in 2022? Expert Tips for International applicants.

job in Australia

The majority of people are choosing Australia for a better lifestyle. Australia is a country with a lot of technological advancement and facilities which creates many employment opportunities. They also have a high-quality education system that attracts many foreign students.

Due to the lack of skilled manpower Australia offers many types of employment visas along with student visas. The facilities and payment also fascinate many skilled and talented laborers throughout the world. Many people migrate to Australia for their dream job.

Is it easy to find a job in Australia? Many applicants have this question on their minds. You can learn the expert tips to find a job in Australia. The newcomers find challenging to find jobs in Australia. This is normally not because of lack of their qualification, but rather to a lack of awareness of the in-demand jobs for immigrants.

Australia publishes a list called MSOL that lists all of the in-demand jobs for the coming year. If you have the necessary knowledge, abilities, and certifications then you can easily find a job from the MSOL List. In this blog, you’ll learn about the available employment in Australia for foreign candidates in 2022.

Average Salary Packages for different Occupations in Australia

Australia offers pretty good payment according to the different occupations. At present Australia is seeking skilled people for the Information technology and engineering sector. And due to the COVID situation health workers like doctors, nurses, physicians, etc. are most in demand.

The salary and facilities attract many foreign skilled workers. For instance, registered nurses have an annual salary of around 70k to 90k AUD, software engineers get 70k to 100k AUD, and civil engineers get 60k to 100k AUD. Each candidate gets the payment according to their skill, education, knowledge, and experience. Thus, we can say that Australia pays well for the deserving ones. They have other many jobs opportunities for foreign employees.

Now that you know what occupations are available in Australia for foreigners and what the typical wage is, let’s look at how to get started with your job hunt in Australia. You can’t easily find a job as much skilled personnel is migrating to Australia. Due to the competition in the market, you have to look in every way possible.

Expert tips to find job in Australia for international applicants

Here are the top three job-hunting tips in Australia:

Expert tips to find job in Australia

1. Apply for a Skilled Visa to migrate to Australia.

The best way to get a job in Australia directly applies for a skilled visa. The applicants with skilled visas can stay and employ in Australia for the long term. The skilled visa is only granted to a specific group of qualified persons from outside Australia who are needed in different parts of the country. It allows employees to go to Australia and live there without the necessity for a family member to sponsor them.

There are different skilled migration pathways in Australia. They are Subclass 189, Subclass 190, subclass 482, etc.

Subclass 189
The Skilled Independent Visa is a Permanent Residency visa that allows you to settle in Australia without a work offer or state sponsorship. It is also known as Subclass 189.

The applicants need to submit a skill assessment report and should have good knowledge of English. These are the essential requirements for this visa, so it is a popular choice among international workers.

Subclass 190
You can work in Australia for an indefinite period if you have Skilled Nominated Visa or Subclass 190. You need to have a state nomination to be eligible to apply for the visa.

Subclass 482
Employers in Australia can use this visa to address labor shortages by bringing in talented people from all around the world to fill job openings. You can stay in Australia for a maximum of four years with the Subclass 482 or Temporary Skill Shortage visa.

2. Skills Assessment Process

The relevant skills assessing authorities analyze and evaluate skill evaluation reports submitted by foreign skilled workers. A skill assessment authority checks if your abilities match the requirements of Australia’s job market for working in a particular field. It assists you in demonstrating your qualifications on a global scale. The skills assessment process allows you to showcase your skills, knowledge, capabilities, and experience to the authorized body.

For example in the case of engineers, Engineers Australia is the most popular and best one for the skills assessment. The applicants have to submit Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to Engineers Australia. The report must contain the skills, knowledge, and experience of the engineering applicants. EA accessor analyzes and evaluates the CDR in a strict manner. You can also get professional help from the best service provider CDRWritersAustralia. We provide high-quality CDR writing services to the engineers who want positive skills assessment from Engineers Australia.

Skill Accessing AuthoritiesFull Name
AACA​Architects Accreditation Council of Australia
AASWAustralian Association of Social Workers Limited
ACSAustralian Computer Society Incorporated
AITSLAustralian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership Limited
Engineers AustraliaThe Institution of Engineers Australia
IMLInstitute of Managers and Leaders National
NAATINational Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd
TRA (trades)Trades Recognition Australia
VETASSESSVocational Education and Training Assessment Services

Each assessing authority has its own set of procedures, deadlines, and fees. You need to choose the appropriate assessing authority for your occupation. For some visa subclasses (and streams), obtaining a sufficient skills evaluation is required, while for others, it may be requested.
You should read all of the information available regarding the visa you want to apply for. This will help you evaluate whether or not you need to submit a skills assessment and when you should do so.

3. Job portals

Nowadays, going to the doorstep to search for a job is not suitable, most of the companies and applicants use the medium of job portals. The companies or employers issue the job openings with descriptive details about the company and requirements. The skilled personnel can search for the job that is suitable for them.

Job portals have become the mediator between the employer and employees. Likewise, the newcomers in Australia can use the job portals to search for the job.

job portals in Australia

The most popular job portals in Australia are listed below:

It focuses on employment for all job seekers, whether they are immigrants or natives. LinkedIn is utilized by one in every four Australians, making it one of the most popular job-search sites in the country. Linkedin Australia has a database of over 6 million job searchers from a variety of industries.

Since its inception in 1997, Seek has been Australia’s most popular job site. More than 13 million job searchers are on Seek’s database. Seek is used by three out of every four Australians. Seek also provides employer reviews and job counseling in addition to increased résumé storage. Candidates can also use Seek’s application tracking system to keep track of their job applications.

APS Jobs
The APS Jobs is considered as the “doorway” to the Australian public service. It’s a place where government agencies can post job openings, publicize employment decisions like promotions and Graduate Programs, and provide general information to job searchers.

The users can create accounts on the APS Jobs site to get email job alerts when openings that fit their criteria become available. APS provides a diverse range of possibilities, including full-time, part-time, and temporary positions in a variety of locations across Australia.

Grad Connection
Grad Connection is the leading graduate recruitment firm in Australia. This is a free service that allows you to look for graduate jobs and internships from Australia’s leading firms to help you get your career started.

You may look up firms on the web, talk to other grads in the forums, and have your GradConnection student profile found by employers.

Australia’s Most In-Demand Skilled Professional Jobs in 2022

The Australian labor market has identified the following sectors as being in high demand through 2023:

  • Social Assistance and Health Care (252,600 jobs by 2023)
  • Services in the fields of professional, scientific, and technical expertise (172,400 jobs by 2023)
  • Training and Education (113,700 jobs by 2023)
  • Work on the building/construction (118,800 jobs by 2023)

The amount of Expressions of Interest (EOI) or invites given by the Australian Government for a specific employment group is limited by an Occupation Ceiling. The Australian Skilled Migration program is the most effective way to obtain a work visa in Australia.

Covid-19 Impact Provides New Opportunities for Migrant Workers

To help Australia recover from the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, the government has announced 17 occupations to satisfy essential skills shortages, as well as priority processing for employer-sponsored nominations and visa applications that include an occupation on the PMSOL. Temporary visa holders will be granted travel exemptions. There is also a great impact of COVID-19 on the Australian Migration Program.

The Australian government has announced new plans and opportunities to consider the shortage of skilled manpower. Many people are attracted to Australia for better job facilities and opportunities. Even the foreign students who study Masters Course are given 3 years Temporary Graduate Visa.


Australia is a country with a lot of opportunities. If you are skilled enough then you can change your lifestyle in this country. First of all, you must be able to get the job according to your skills. You can directly apply for a work visa, search job portals, and apply for a skills assessment. These are the best option for any foreign applicants. If you need experts advice for the skills assessment process, contact our professionals and get a free consultation. We also provide high-quality CDR report writing services.

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