Short term skilled occupation list

STSOL – Short Term Skilled Occupation List – 20 January 2018 List

Occupations on the Short-term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL)

Occupations that appear on the Short Term Skilled Occupation List (STSOL) are listed below from the ANZSCO (Australia and New Zealand Skilled Classification of Occupations) to determine which visa program may be available to you depending on your occupation. This list is current as of 20 January 2018 and is expected to be updated every six months. So, if you are applying for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS Visa) your occupation will need to appear in this list.

The following table is the Short term Skilled Occupation List.

Short-term Skilled Occupation List

ItemOccupationANZSCO codeInapplicability conditions (see notes below this table)
1aquaculture farmer1211119, 10
2cotton grower1212119, 10
3flower grower1212129, 10
4fruit or nut grower1212139, 10
5grain, oilseed or pasture grower (Aus) / field crop grower (NZ) 1212149, 10
6grape grower1212159, 10
7mixed crop farmer1212169, 10
8sugar cane grower1212179, 10
9vegetable grower (Aus) / market gardener (NZ)1212219, 10
10crop farmers (nec)1212999, 10
11apiarist1213119, 10
12beef cattle farmer1213129, 10
13dairy cattle farmer1213139, 10
14mixed livestock farmer1213179, 10
15pig farmer1213189, 10
16poultry farmer1213219, 10
17sheep farmer1213229, 10
18livestock farmers (nec)1213999, 10
19mixed crop and livestock farmer1214119, 10
20sales and marketing manager1311123, 11, 19
21advertising manager131113
22corporate services manager1321114, 19, 21
23finance manager 1322111
24human resource manager132311
25research and development manager132511
27production manager (forestry)13351110
28production manager (manufacturing)133512
29production manager (mining)133513
30supply and distribution manager1336113, 11, 19
31health and welfare services managers (nec)134299
32school principal134311
33education managers (nec)134499
34ICT project manager 1351121
35ICT managers (nec)135199
36arts administrator or manager139911
37laboratory manager139913
38quality assurance manager139914
39specialist managers (nec) except:

(a) ambassador; or

(b) archbishop; or

(c) bishop
40cafe or restaurant manager1411118
41hotel or motel manager1413119
42accommodation and hospitality managers (nec)14199910
43post office manager14211510
44fitness centre manager14911210
45sports centre manager14911310
46customer service manager1492122, 11, 18
47conference and event organiser1493112, 18
48transport company manager1494139, 18, 20
49facilities manager14991313
50dancer or choreographer211112
51music director211212
52music professionals (nec)211299
54visual arts and crafts professionals (nec)211499
55artistic director212111
56book or script editor212212
57director (film, television, radio or stage)212312
58film and video editor212314
59program director (television or radio)212315
60stage manager212316
61technical director212317
62video producer212318
64newspaper or periodical editor212412
65print journalist212413
66technical writer212415
67television journalist212416
68journalists and other writers (nec)212499
69company secretary221211
70commodities trader222111
71finance broker222112
72insurance broker222113
73financial brokers (nec)222199
74financial market dealer222211
75stockbroking dealer222213
76financial dealers (nec)222299
77financial investment adviser222311
78financial investment manager222312
79recruitment consultant22311218, 20, 22
80ICT trainer223211
82gallery or museum curator224212
83health information manager224213
84records manager224214
86organisation and methods analyst224712
87patents examiner224914
88information and organisation professionals (nec)2249991
89advertising specialist2251111
90marketing specialist2251132, 11, 18
91ICT account manager225211
92ICT business development manager225212
93ICT sales representative225213
94public relations professional225311
95technical sales representatives (nec) including education sales representatives2254992, 14
96aeroplane pilot23111110
97flying instructor23111310
98helicopter pilot23111410
99fashion designer232311
100industrial designer232312
101jewellery designer232313
102graphic designer2324111
104web designer232414
105interior designer232511
106urban and regional planner232611
107wine maker23421310
109primary school teacher241213
110middle school teacher (Aus) / intermediate school teacher (NZ)241311
111education adviser249111
112art teacher (private tuition)249211
113dance teacher (private tuition)249212
114music teacher (private tuition)249214
115private tutors and teachers (nec)249299
116teacher of English to speakers of other languages249311
119occupational health and safety adviser251312
121hospital pharmacist251511
122industrial pharmacist251512
123retail pharmacist251513
124health promotion officer251911
125health diagnostic and promotion professionals (nec)251999
128traditional Chinese medicine practitioner252214
129complementary health therapists (nec)252299
130dental specialist252311
132resident medical officer253112
134nurse educator254211
135nurse researcher254212
136nurse manager254311
137web developer2612121
138software tester2613141
139database administrator262111
140systems administrator262113
141network administrator263112
142network analyst263113
143ICT quality assurance engineer263211
144ICT support enginee2632121
145ICT systems test engineer2632131
146ICT support and test engineers (nec)263299
147judicial and other legal professionals (nec)271299
148careers counsellor272111
149drug and alcohol counsellor272112
150family and marriage counsellor272113
151rehabilitation counsellor272114
152student counsellor272115
153counsellors (nec)272199
156social professionals (nec)272499
157recreation officer272612
158welfare worker272613
159agricultural technician31111110
160anaesthetic technician311211
161cardiac technician311212
162medical laboratory technician311213
163pharmacy technician 311215
164medical technicians (nec)311299
165meat inspector311312
166primary products inspectors (nec)31139910
167chemistry technician311411
168earth science technician311412
169life science technician311413
170science technicians (nec)311499
171architectural draftsperson312111
172building inspector312113
173architectural, building and surveying technicians (nec)312199
174mechanical engineering technician31251215
175metallurgical or materials technician312912
176mine deputy312913
177hardware technician313111
178ICT customer support officer313112
179web administrator313113
180ICT support technicians (nec)313199
182aircraft maintenance engineer (avionics)323111
183aircraft maintenance engineer (mechanical)323112
184aircraft maintenance engineer (structures)323113
185textile, clothing and footwear mechanic323215
186metal fitters and machinists (nec)323299
187precision instrument maker and repairer323314
188watch and clock maker and repairer323316
190vehicle body builder324211
191vehicle trimmer324212
192roof tiler333311
193business machine mechanic342311
194cabler (data and telecommunications)342411
195telecommunications linesworker342413
198butcher or smallgoods maker351211
199cook3514117, 8
200dog handler or trainer361111
201animal attendants and trainers (nec)36119917
202veterinary nurse361311
204gardener (general)362211
206landscape gardener362213
209print finisher392111
210printing machinist392311
211dressmaker or tailor393213
213furniture finisher394211
214wood machinist394213
215wood machinists and other wood trades workers (nec)394299
216chemical plant operator399211
217power generation plant operator399213
218library technician399312
220camera operator (film, television or video)399512
221make up artist399514
222sound technician399516
223performing arts technicians (nec)399599
225ambulance officer411111
226intensive care ambulance paramedic411112
227dental technician411213
228diversional therapist411311
229enrolled nurse411411
230massage therapist41161112
231community worker411711
232disabilities services officer411712
233family support worker411713
234residential care officer411715
235youth worker411716
236diving instructor (open water)452311
237gymnastics coach or instructor452312
238horse riding coach or instructor452313
239snowsport instructor452314
240swimming coach or instructor452315
241tennis coach452316
242other sports coach or instructor452317
243sports development officer452321
245sportspersons (nec)452499
246contract administrator5111111
247program or project administrator511112
248insurance loss adjuster599612
249insurance agent611211
250property manager6121122, 10, 18, 20
251real estate representative6121152, 10, 18, 20
252retail buyer63921111

Positions for which occupation is inapplicable

1The position does not require a minimum of 2 years’ relevant work experience.
2The position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD65,000.
3(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD65,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
4(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD80,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
5(a) the position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD180,001; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
6 The position is a clerical, bookkeeper or accounting clerk position.
7The position is involved in mass production in a factory setting.
8The position is in a limited service restaurant.
9The position predominantly involves responsibility for low‑skilled tasks.

Example 1: Rostering, maintaining records, reception duties and allocating duties to
housekeepers, porters or doorpersons.

Example 2: Fruit picking or packing or feeding of livestock or animals.

Example 3: Truck driving.
10The position is not located in regional Australia (within the meaning of subregulation 5.19(7) of the Regulations).
11The position:

(a) is based in a front‑line retail setting; or

(b) predominantly involves direct client transactional interaction on a regular basis.
12The position:

(a) is not a full‑time position; or

(b) is not based in a therapeutic setting; or

(c) involves the provision of non‑medical relaxation massage; or

(d) is in a retail setting.
13The position:

(a) is not located in a commercial building or shopping centre environment; or

(b) predominantly involves managing the provision of only one particular service to a facility or managing one particular relationship.

Example: Managing the cleaning contract for a facility but not other contracts relevant
to the facility.
14The position:

(a) is based in a front‑line retail setting; or

(b) is based in a call centre and does not require a significant technical knowledge of products; or

(c) predominantly involves selling educational courses to individual students.
15The position relates to mobile phone repairs.
16The position relates to mass or standardised production (as opposed to specialist production), including the following:

(a) a position based in a franchise or factory;

(b) a position that:

(i) involves full or partial production of food product for distribution to another location; or

(ii) predominantly involves the use of pre‑prepared food product from another location.
17The position relates to animal husbandry, including caring for livestock on a farm.
18The position is in a business that has an annual turnover of less than AUD1,000,000.
19(a) the position is in a business that has an annual turnover of less than AUD1,000,000; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
20The position is in a business that has fewer than 5 employees.
21(a) the position is in a business that has fewer than 5 employees; and

(b) if the person is to be transferred to fill the position—the transfer is not an intra‑corporate transfer to which an international trade obligation applies.
22The position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD90,000.

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