CDR Report Assessors has asked to submit the Reference Letter from the previous company. What should I do?

CDR Report Assessors ask for reference letter from previous company

The Competency Demonstration Report is prepared by engineers who wish to apply for Skilled Visa Migration to Australia with the permission of Engineers Australia. The CDR report includes three Career Episodes with accompanying summary statements and a Continuing Professional Development (CPD). These papers must be written in compliance with the criteria established by the EA.

Engineers who wish to migrate to Australia but have an overseas engineering degree not certified under the Washington, Dublin, or Sydney Accords must submit a Competency Demonstration Report for the migration skills assessment. Engineers Australia must first approve engineers who want to live and work in Australia for greater prospects through the Migration Skills Assessment process.

MSA recognizes credentials acquired at approved Australian institutions of higher learning or in nations that are full signatories to the Sydney, Dublin, or Washington Accords.

CDR Report Assessors Says

If the CDR Report Assessor required a certain set of documents that he found missing to connect the employment years and consider the entire work experience you claimed, you might receive an email asking to do that. You can then collect and submit those missing documents within the specified timelines on the portal.

When the applicants submit the CDR after completing it to the best of their abilities, based on the guidelines shared on the Engineers Australia websites and the Migration Skill Assessment (MSA) booklet, it’s time for you to wait and watch.

Asking for a reference letter from your previous company could be one of those things. So there is nothing to worry about, and you can start reaching out to the concerned parties to collect the document.

For instance, if you have claimed permission to work until 2023, share the author’s name and official details (telephone number, official email address) that your employment contract matches. In most cases, the need is to submit documentary evidence like the employment contract validated and guaranteed by the Ministry of Labour.

This should also be backed with a resident permit for the concerned period of employment. Such official documents coming from a government agency put a stamp of authenticity on all claims.

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This generally happens when the case officer or assessor finds the documents you have shared unsuitable for assessing your work experience. So, they ask you to submit a new reference letter that should validate the claims of working eligibility until a specific time.

For instance, if you have claimed that you have permission to work until 2023, share the name and official details of the author to confirm that your contact indeed matches that. In most cases, the need is to submit documentary evidence, like the employment contract validated and guaranteed by the Ministry of Labor.

Sometimes the assessors might even request all English language translations for the documents you have submitted in regional languages. Whether they do that or not, consider it a mandatory submission.

Remember to save all email exchanges with the parties you reach out to for this reference letter. These come in handy when you need to share evidence of your attempt to collect the required document with the assessor/assessing authority. Engineers who desire to move to Australia must complete the Engineering Australia documentation requirement as assessed by the EA assessors.

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