What are the important things to consider while CPD writing?

cpd writing for cdr report

Continuing professional development is the process of keeping your EA assessors up-to-date with the recent growth in your engineering career. CPD will reflect all the skills and knowledge you have gained during your academic years. CPD acts as a factor that connects all your approaches, ideas, and techniques used for your personal growth in the field of engineering. Continuing Professional development will broaden your professional networks and contacts while also providing you with professional recognition. CPD plays a vital role in your CDR report reflecting all your competencies in your claimed engineering field. Professional engineer competencies have been fragmented into four standard components by Engineers Australia

1. Personal dedication

This explains how you manage responsibility for engineering tasks you’ve done and how you behave ethically in the workplace.

2. Contribution to the community

Your document will be evaluated on how well you manage group projects and how prepared you are to take risks to create long-term strategies.

3. Workplace value

This reflects your decision-making skills and describes your roles in terms of how you interact in the workplace.

4. Technical proficiency

Some of the basic elements you must represent in your CPD are engineering skills, innovation, experience, and ingenuity, among many others.

All the related CPD must be added to your CDR application. The continuing professional development must be written in a table format which should include the title, date. Duration, location and company details. Your CPD must be confined within one A4 paper. 

  • Systematic post-graduate study level
  • Seminars where you have given presentations or attended;
  • lectures, conferences, and study groups you have attended
  • course curriculum planning and introduction, public lectures, workshops, and events
  • contributions to the engineering field (community service, etc.)
  • volunteering on a board or commission, mentoring, and so on)
  •  private research (includes books, journals, manuals, etc.)

Important things to consider while CPD Writing

1. Correct Continuing Professional development format

Your Continuing professional development (CPD) must be written in a table format, including details as follows

  1. Title of the training undertaken
  2. Training started date 
  3. Total hours and duration of the training completed
  4. Location of the training place
  5. Name of the company that you completed your training from. 

2. Chronological order of the CPD 

You have to write your CPD in order of the date you took the training. Starting from your previous year to the current training date.

3. CPD content

The total length of your CPD must be one A4 paper. You cannot exceed the content of your CPD by more than one page.

4. Detailed information on your coursework/workshops

Any workshops, courses you’ve taken, presentation, seminars that you have attended must be included along with their date, time, venue, and other relevant information.

5. Attachment of certificates

You do not have to attach your certificate of the event and courses you have attended in your CPD. You only have to mention them in brief.

6. Describe the strategies used in your project work

CPD is more than just a list of technological knowledge and expertise; it also includes how you used the technology, scripting, and business strategy techniques when working with an organization.

7. CPD format

The CPD must be presented in a list format so that it is readily understood. A CDR application contains all relevant CPD, which is extremely beneficial to your future career prospects in Australia. CPD should include information about what you did instead of explaining all the techniques you used.

8. If you have tutored students in the field of your engineering discipline, you can include that in your CPD too.

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