What is the Validity of Skill Assessment Result for Engineers Australia?

What is the Validity of Skill Assessment Result for Engineers Australia

If you want to migrate to Australia as a skilled worker, you must first have a good skill assessment result before applying for a visa. Engineers Australia Assessment Validity is the official evaluating authority for all engineering professions, and they will examine your academic qualifications, work experience, and English level, among other things. You can apply for the migration after you receive the assessment results for your selected pathway.

An assessment outcome letter suitable for migration reasons will be provided to you via email following the successful completion of your assessment procedure. If you have designated a migration agent to follow up on your behalf, your result letter will be delivered to your agent via email instead. If a letter cannot be delivered electronically, it will be sent by regular mail, and you may be charged for this service. The outcome letters may be validated online by inputting the application data on the Assessment Outcome Verification website.

Before getting your report assessed positively, do you have all the necessary documents intact? These are some of the basic things you’ll need to apply for the assessment from Engineers Australia. 

I) The first step is to decide which assessment pathway is suitable for you.

There are six different ways for migration skills assessment that are listed below. 

 Accredited Qualifications

  • Australian Qualifications 
  • Washington Accord Qualifications 
  • Sydney Accord Qualifications 
  • Dublin Accord Qualifications 
  • Other Recognized Qualifications 

Non-Accredited qualifications

II) Provide proof of English language skills.

If you are applying to have your abilities assessed by Engineers Australia, you must prove English language competence. Currently, IELTS, TOEFL iBT, PTE academic are accepted for the English language test. For PTE, you must send your PTE Academic score to “Engineers Australia” using Pearson’s online secure site so that they verify your result.

English test validity:  Engineers Australia accepts IELTS, TOEFL iBT, and PTE Academic English test scores no more than three years old at the time of application.

III) If you have a few years of engineering experience. You can still apply for an engineering qualification assessment. It’s important to note that job experience isn’t required. Reference your undergraduate engineering degree and your academic courses’ project/work experience components to demonstrate your ability.

IV) Check for accredited qualifications. You need to make sure the signatory country’s representative body accredits the occupation you are applying for.

V) Fast Track assessment is available for candidates wanting swift processing of the application. You have the option of selecting Fast Track service while submitting your application or making your Fast Track service request after it has been filed.

How to renew skill assessment for engineers in Australia? 

Now coming to the important part, many of the applicants are curious about renewing their assessment results after their expiry. But according to Engineers Australia, the assessment result will remain valid forever for Engineers Australia. 

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) requires, however, that the assessment letter be no more than three years old at the time of the migration application. After that time has passed, you must contact the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) to renew your assessment letter. To obtain an updated letter, you need to return the old letter to MSA along with the completed payment form.

 Some of the frequently asked questions have been described for easy understanding of the applicants. 

Absence of Relevant Skilled Employment on the outcome letter

Relevant Skilled Employment is an additional evaluation service for which applicants need to apply and pay separately. If you have not applied for this additional service, your employment will not be represented in the result letter. Also, only the successful skilled employment outcomes will be reported in the outcome letter if you have applied for the service. If there was no detail regarding your relevant skilled employment even when you paid for its service, your job could be excluded from the results for one or more of the following reasons:

  • You did not submit all of the requested papers.
  • Your job experience has nothing to do with the chosen profession code.
  • During your employment, you were not compensated at the market or salaried rate for engineering experts.
  • Relevant Skilled Employment does not include experience obtained as a PhD student or job experience as a Research Assistant/Fellow.

The essential Primary and Secondary papers required for the Relevant Skilled Employment assessment are listed in the MSA Booklet.

Lodge a Secondary Application to an already successful application

You can apply for or add additional services, such as Relevant Skilled Employment and Overseas PhD evaluation, by submitting a Secondary Application based on your prior assessment result. At that moment, a link will appear on the status bar of myPortal, where you may submit a Secondary Application. This new Secondary Application will be forwarded directly to your case officer for review.

Do the applicants need a new letter and go through the overall process again? 

As we have described earlier, the evaluation does not have an expiration date. The Department of Home Affairs will only accept letters that are up to three years old. So, you can request a duplicate letter if you require a letter similar to the prior assessment result with the current date. A normal administrative charge will apply.

You can request an updated letter if you need the original outcome modified, such as adding/removing additional services (e.g., work experience and abroad PhD evaluation) or changing your name. The cost will vary based on the service.

Unsatisfied Outcome of the Skill Assessment

You can request that your application be reviewed as well as appealed. An impartial assessor will examine your application during the review process, and you will be notified of the outcome via email. A review may take up to eight weeks. Only three months after obtaining the original evaluation result may you request a review. Only when a Review decision has been received may an application for an appeal be made. At this point, an appeal may take up to nine months. A request for an appeal must be made within six months of obtaining the original assessment result.

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