Everything you need to know about Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia

Everything you need to know about Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia

If you want to work as an engineer in Australia, you must have your skills formally evaluated. Engineers Australia has been authorized by the Australian government’s Department of Home Affairs to evaluate your qualifications, skills, and experience for employment in Australia.

Before applying for a visa to visit Australia, you must obtain a migration skills assessment outcome letter from EA. EA brings skilled migrants from overseas to fulfill the skill shortage in Australia. For engineers to apply for skill assessment, they have to submit a Competency Demonstration report to EA to showcase their skills and expertise.

What is Skill Assessment from Engineers Australia?

Engineers Australia is responsible for undertaking the skill assessment of engineers who want to migrate to Australia. Australia allows skilled migrants to work, live, and even study here, and it values skilled immigrants and has given employment opportunities to many to date. 

To successfully migrate to Australia, you must go through their assessment process. Skill assessment is the foremost process before you lodge your visa application. 

EA will measure your educational qualification, work experience, capability, skills, and English language level in the skill assessment. There are various pathways you can take for your migration skill assessment. Engineers Australia will not provide pre-assessment services, so it will depend on you to choose the applicable path.

Pathways for a successful Skill Migration by EA

Engineers Australia has defined six application pathways for migration skills assessment.

a) Accredited qualifications

   1) Australian Qualifications 

   2) Washington Accord Qualifications 

   3) Sydney Accord Qualifications 

   4) Dublin Accord Qualifications

   5) Other Recognised Qualifications

b) Non-Accredited qualifications

   6) Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)

Accredited Qualification is Australian and overseas engineering qualifications recognized through formal international agreements. In contrast, non-accredited qualifications are not recognized globally, so a CDR report is needed for applicants from non-accredited backgrounds. 

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Skill Assessment Fee Structure 

skill assessment fees

The application fee for skill assessment is provided on the website of Engineers Australia. You will be charged extra for the additional service given to you. However, you will receive a discount if you submit the standard assessment and additional service applications simultaneously. You can pay via credit card (American Express, Master Card) or BPAY. Ensure you review your application before submitting it, as EA will not refund the fee. 

For the GST charge, only applicants living in Australia must pay 10% GST on the application fee. 

Skill Assessment process

You can view the status of your skill assessment from the Engineers Australia portal/ dashboard. If there are any document requirements or missing files, your assessor will ask you to complete the system’s task via email. You can then log in to your account portal and submit the requested information. 

Skill assessment outcome and validity 

If your assessment has been accepted, the EA assessor will send an assessment outcome letter for migration purposes via email. If you have nominated a migration agent, it will be sent to your agent via mail. You can verify the outcome letter online on the assessment outcome verification page. 

Now talking about the outcome letter’s validity, Engineers Australia has no expiration date for it. However, the Department of Home Affair’s validity policy differs from Engineers Australia. If the DOHA requests an updated letter, you have to contact Engineers Australia for further instructions and the full payment form to receive an updated letter.

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Review and Appeal the Application

Are you satisfied with the outcome letter from your EA assessor? You can submit a review and appeal application if you think your assessment didn’t come out as expected. 

You need to submit a review application within three months of the date you receive your outcome letter. For this, you will need to fill up the “Application for Review of Outcome Letter” form with the necessary changes. You need to include a cover letter explaining the reason behind your review request, and you cannot add additional information you missed in your application.

Even after your review application, you can still apply for an appeal if you are not satisfied with the review. 

You need to submit an appeal application after receiving your review outcome letter. You must apply within six months of receiving your original outcome letter. You need to fill up the Application for Appeal of the Assessment Outcome and submit it along with the appeal application fee. The appeal application is the final process for the review. 

EA will refund the fee for the review and appeal application if this application’s outcome is the same as the original assessment outcome letter and no additional documents were provided. 

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