MSA Booklet Update – March 2018

Source: MSA Booklet March 2018

Engineers Australia has as of late refreshed their MSA Booklet in March 2018. This booklet gives complete supervision on the Migration Skills Assessment application for immigration purposes. The MSA Booklet ought to be followed while setting up your CDR or searching for any data in regards to skills assessment for the purpose of migration to Australia.  If you want to apply, check this: Migration Skills Assessment step-by-step guide.

There are a few changes made in this booklet since the last update in August 2017. Following are some information noticed to have been updated in MSA Booklet – March 2018.

MSA Booklet March 2018 Update 1

1. Evidence of Employment in Career Episodes:

In the report writing step of the introduction part of Section C, there is additional information i.e. when applying for Relevant Skilled Employment assessment, you must submit their career episode reports based on work experience along with some evidence of employment. The evidence are a must even if you are not applying for relevant skilled employment assessment.

2. Breach of Engineer Australia’s Code of Ethics:

Again, under Relevant Skilled Employment service in the introduction part of Section D, there is additional information about fraudulent documents. This topic mentions taking note that submitting fake documentation is a genuine rupture of Engineers Australia’s code of morals and conveys critical punishments including the dismissal of the application, the inconvenience of a year boycott and revealing of your subtle elements to the Department of Home Affairs for facilitating examination and action.

MSA Booklet March 2018 Update 3

3. Competency Unit of Resource Management Not Required Anymore:

In the units and elements of competency of Engineering Manager in the appendix section, there are 7 units whereas there were 8 units mentioned in the August 2017 update of the booklet. In comparison with the last update, it has been noticed the ‘manages resources’ point has been eradicated.

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