How to migrate from Dubai to Australia as an Engineer?

migrate from Dubai to Australia as an Engineer

Australia is a popular destination for skilled migrants. If you have plans to migrate from Dubai to Australia as an Engineer, cdrwritersaustralia gives guidelines to help you apply for the right visa.

If you want to migrate from Dubai to Australia as an Engineer, you have working experience and have done some project plan, have qualifications, and language ability to meet the requirements, then, you can get a permanent Australia visa.

Some guidelines to migrate from Dubai to Australia as an Engineer

 Step 1: You must be on the skills shortage list

The Australian Government wants skills engineers from a foreign country with different types of skills and occupations. If you are skilled in some field, you are qualified to apply under the Skilled Migrants Category.

Step 2: You must have to meet some criteria to score enough points in the Points Assessment

Points will be calculated based on different criteria like work experience, your age, and your English language ability. You also gain more points if:

  • Your close relative currently residing in Australia.
  • You have studied in Australia or previously worked.
  • You are sponsor by the native, state needing people with your specific skills.

Step 3: Skill Assessment

Skills Assessment are issued by relevant skills assessing authorities.  A skills assessment authority is an organization that checks that your skills meet the standards they set to work in a relevant occupation.

It is your responsibility to contact the relevant assessing authority for your occupation and obtain a skills assessment. Skills will be assessed based on your working experience and post-secondary education background by the relevant bodies.

Once you are qualified for immigration, you must log your EOI

Expression of Interest places you in the pool of qualified applications who can be invited to apply for a visa. It may take 4-8 months for your EOI to be accepted.

The assessment procedures of CDR are quite strict. Many engineers thought to have adequate skill and training, fails to pass the assessment test.

For an engineer, the most important part is their education. Their field of study, the institute from which they passed, all these are a necessary part of their career. However, CDR is also one of the essential elements of their engineering career, too, as your job confirmation in Australia depends upon the assessment results of your CDR report.

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