Complete Document Checklist for ACS Skill Assessment

Document Checklist for ACS Skill Assessment

Australian Computer Society is the official governing body for Migration Skill Assessment. Skilled applicants who want to migrate to Australia searching for employment opportunities have to go through this skill assessment. Skill Assessment will test your skills, knowledge, educational qualification, and work experience to meet the ACS standards.

ACS RPL skill Assessment is for those applicants without any ICT backgrounds or insufficient ICT records. They will need to prepare an RPL report as directed by the ACS rule. Your RPL report is written based on the ANZSCO code you select. Applicants must choose the correct form of ANZSCO code before sending out their application. If you are confused about what field to choose, learn about the ANZSCO codes that matches your skills and qualification.

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Required criteria you need to know before applying for ACS Skill Assessment

Here are some of the required criteria you need to know before applying:

Visa requirement
You have to know all the visa options availed by the Department of Home affairs and choose the one that suits you the best. You can also get professional help to guide you through the whole process.

ACS requirement
We recommend that you carefully read the ACS criteria rule. It is also crucial that you read the manual to clarify the capacity testing requirements and the standards you must follow to apply.

ACS application type
Following a thorough understanding of the criteria, the next move is to choose the ANZSCO code that corresponds to the occupation you are applying for. It must correspond to your talents, understanding, and experience.

Existing Applicant
If you previously submitted your ACS form, you would need to log in to your account at the ACS forum before applying for another submission.

Documents to prepare applying for ACS Skill Assessment

In this part, we will take you through the necessary documentation that an applicant must prepare in-depth. Before you begin filling out applications, keep these essential checklists in mind.

Personal Documents

  1. Passport or Birth Certificate
  2. You must provide a colour scan of your passport to ACS. You must present your passport’s identity page containing your name, address, and other documents.

Documentation supporting a name change
It is preferable to have a direct colour scan of the record if you have recently changed your name.

Curriculum Vitae / Curriculum Vitae
According to ACS rules, you must submit your resume in the personal segment of the application form.

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Qualification Documents

Academic Credentials
For your Australian Qualifications, you must apply a direct colour scan of your academic record as well as your award certificate or completion address. If you have added a Master’s degree, you must also provide a Bachelor’s degree. In your application papers, you must provide the following information.

  • Title / Degree in Education
  • The name of the university where the degree was granted
  • The college degree’s completion date
  • Course information, including marks/grades earned for each unit or subject

Vendor Qualification
You must include the vendor login information for authentication purposes to qualify as a Microsoft vendor.
You will be asked to apply your login credentials for the Cisco provider certification after successful submission.
This data can be attached as a PDF file.

Work Experience Document

  1. You must provide a colour scan of the work references on the respective company letterhead or a third party’s regulatory statements.
  2. Criteria for documenting job experience:
  3. The beginning and withdrawal dates of your employment must be used in your career experience. If you are working under the company at the very moment, the end date should be written as “To date.”
  4. It would be best to list all of the roles and duties you performed while working in the claimed profession.
  5. The average number of hours worked per week. Mention whether the work was part-time or full-time.
  6. The place where the work is completed. Mention the job’s date and location, even though it is in the same country but in a different location.
  7. Organizational letterhead, signed by the sender, containing their name, title of the position served, address, and contact information.

Third-party Statutory Declaration Requirements

Third-party associates at the executive level have the official statement. It should mention that the document was observed in front of an authorized official and the date and location of the declaration. The third-party shall state their working arrangement with you and the duties performed during the employment period, along with the corresponding dates. Things to note for the online application form:

  1. Requirements for PDF files
  2. Your records must be combined into a single PDF file containing information about your qualifications and job history. Your PDF file should be no larger than 3 MB in size. Check that your PDF file is not encrypted or set to read-only mode.
  3. The PDF file is posted in the web application form.

Upload of Original Certificates

Be sure to have high-quality colour scans of the original documents, licenses, passports, resumes, and so on, with a resolution of at least 300 dpi. Until uploading documents electronically, double-check the digital signature.

Supporting documents

If ACS believes your argument is insufficient, they can request additional documentation. In such situations, you must insert additional or new documentation to support your argument. You must rename the folder to distinguish it from other files that have already been submitted.

Document Translation

You must request a text written in the English language. If the text is written in a language other than English, an accredited English translation must be used. Your original and translated documents should be sent simultaneously.

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Translation of documents inside Australia

Translations are approved if they are NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) certified within Australia.

Translation of documents outside Australia

Translations are approved if they meet the following criteria:

  • Ministry of Justice or a comparable institution where the degree was obtained
  • The Australian Education International Section (AEIS)
  • High Commission Consulate or Embassy of Australia
  • Commercial and private translators, as well as award-winning institutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take for ACS skill assessment?

It takes between 8 – 10 weeks to complete for your skills assessment. However, the time period may increase if ACS requests for additional documentation or information.

Does ACS contact employer for background checks?

In general, the ACS does not conduct background checks directly with employers. In some cases, the DIBP selects an application for a random integrity check. Also, if there rise in suspicion on documents of a particular applicant, they sometimes can make an unannounced workplace visit.

Is IELTS required for ACS assessment?

No you do not require to give ITELTS, PTE, or TOEFL for your ACS skill assessment.