How to prepare your CDR Report? Find out professional tips.

cdr report preparation tips for engineers

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) preparation requires a candidate to have a recognized Bachelor’s degree in one of the engineering fields listed in the ANZSCO occupation. It is usually based on undergraduate qualifications and graduate competencies that reflect the candidate’s skills. Applicants cannot qualify for Skilled Migration without providing documentary evidence of the following:

  1. Technical Engineering knowledge in the field of the nominated occupation
  2. Practical demonstration of that very skill and knowledge in the nominated profession

The CDR must be entirely your work. All typed components of the CDR must be done in a word processor, and you should maintain a copy. Your CDR report will be evaluated against the graduate competency criteria and the ANZSCO definition of the occupational category you have chosen.

Basic steps in preparing your CDR report

Before writing your CDR report, make sure you follow the guidelines that we have described below: 

1. Personal Information

Prepare your documents as follows:

  • Passport-Size Photo
  • Prime Identification Document
  • Name Change Documentation
  • Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • English Language Competency

2. Applications

Candidates will need to fill out the application form on the Engineers Australia website. They need to be careful while selecting the occupational category from the ANZSCO occupation list.

Note: In the specified occupation, the outcome is not assured and will be determined after assessment.

If appropriate, you must provide proof of your professional registration.

3. Education 

Applicants need to submit their degree certificate, an authentic academic certificate, and any supporting papers (such as a course curriculum). If you have more than one engineering department, qualifications and all applicable extra credentials are given. Suppose you are presently enrolled in any formal education program. Do attach your enrollment letter for the educational program. And, if available, a recent transcript. Please double-check the spelling.

The name of the educational institution is typed in using suitable upper and lower case letters.

4. Skilled Employment 

Applicants whose career episodes are based on engineering experience must show evidence of employment and apply for Relevant Skilled Employment Assessment services. Applicants must show concrete evidence of their job experience. If the document is not in English, a translation and the original language document must be given. A certified translator must complete all translations.

5. Report

A complete CDR report comprises a curriculum vitae, CPD Statement, Career Episodes, and Summary Statement.

6. Submit 

By preparing the above points, applicants can log in to their profile page to lodge a CDR application.

Rules and guidance from Professionals

  • Applicants need to follow several policies and guidelines when writing a CDR report. First, you must conduct an in-depth examination of the format and structure that must be followed to write the CDR report. If there is even a single flaw in the report, the odds of rejection are very high.
  • Applicants need to highlight their achievements specifically in relation to the role offered in their respective employment histories. We suggest you display all of the courses you took and the services you provided to the organizations you worked for.
  • Another critical point to note is the format of the CDR report and the aspects of that report: CPD, curriculum vitae, career episode, and summary statement. Yes, when it comes to organizing career episodes, you must ensure that all of the experiences are accurately stated in accordance with the supplied criteria. If you make even one mistake during your career, your chances of being rejected will most likely increase. That’s why you must ensure that every section of your report is addressed while adhering to the criteria specified by Engineers Australia.
  • Always use the Australian standard English language to write your CDR report. If there is even a single mistake in sentence construction, the odds of rejection increase dramatically. You must ensure that the language used is in the active voice and that there are no spelling errors that might lead to rejection. 
  • You must ensure that the claims you make in the report about your job experience and accomplishments are entirely genuine. Applicants need to have proof stating their claims; if there is something that does not meet the criteria, the chances of your CDR report being rejected increase significantly.

How do we process your CDR report?

CDR Writers Australia concentrates on quality work and an effective procedure for writing, reviewing, and tutoring our clients’ work. To achieve the best outcomes from our duties, we take specific measures. These are the fundamental procedures that we adhere to:

  1. First and foremost, you may see all of the specifics regarding the services we offer at various costs. You then select and pay for our specific service. Following that, you submit your CV and other essential information for our Writers to create a CDR Report.
  2. Our skilled team of Engineers and Writers creates a comprehensive, plagiarism-free, and unique CDR Report writing service for you. We make sure that the CDR Report meets your professional requirements for a successful EA Assessment.
  3. We provide you with a draft copy of your CDR Report when we finish it for revision and verification. You must specify the modifications you want us to make to the report.
  4. We made the modifications you requested and completed your CDR Report. We provide you with a draft copy of the final report if you need to make changes to your CDR Report. We will finish your CDR report and submit it to you once you are pleased.


In conclusion, the preparation of a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a pivotal step for aspiring engineers seeking recognition from Engineers Australia. By adhering to the provided guidelines, selecting the appropriate pathway and ANZSCO code, and showcasing your engineering competencies through three well-structured Career Episodes, you can effectively demonstrate your qualifications and experience.

Employing the STAR method, emphasizing technical expertise, and maintaining originality while highlighting your engineering contributions will contribute to a compelling and authentic CDR. Thorough proofreading, the inclusion of supporting documents, and adherence to the summary statement template further enhance the credibility of your report. Seeking professional review and guidance throughout this process can significantly enhance your chances of achieving a successful outcome in your pursuit of Skilled Migration or Professional Engineer status in Australia.

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