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Career Episode Report Example for Engineering Manager

A competency demonstration report (CDR) requires migrant engineers applying to Engineers Australia to write three career episode reports (CERs). Career Episode Report for Engineers Australia gives detailed information on technical and other skills an engineer applied to the project described. You must demonstrate your professional competencies in your career episodes. Here is a writing style for a Career Episode Report Example for Engineering Manager.


Project TitlePlanning and Project Control at XXX Power Plant
Project DurationJune 2009 – June 2010
OrganizationXXX Power Plant
DesignationPlanning and Project Control Engineer

CE 1.2 Background
CE 1.2.1

XXX Power Plant is one of the largest power plants in the country of Iran. The power plant comprises 12 gas station units. Each of the units had a power capacity of 159 MW. In addition to this, there are six streams units each with a working capacity of 160 MW. With the resources present the plant is able to produce a total of 2880 MW of power output. The company also uses V94.2 gas turbines and an E Type steam turbines. I was selected to work for the IFC (Issued for Construction) package stage of the company. As there were multiple activities in the scope of my work I had to review many of the project documents before the starting of the project work. As this project was the biggest engineering project in the field of energy and power distribution and played an important role in our division, my project manager trusted me to look after the project.

CE 1.2.2

For the project completion and to meet the requirements of the project, I laid various objective before the initiation of the project which is mentioned below:

  • To schedule meetings with departments involved
  • To evaluate the project plan and cost for the project
  • To report back the progress of the project
  • To manage the workflow and the documentation of the project in order to meet the requirements and the effective use of resources for the project
  • To prepare notes to distribute among the supervisors regarding the progress of the project
  • To prepare a project action plan to discuss the work to be done
  • To upload the complete and updated project progress documentation on the company’s online portal

CE 1.2.3

Due to the size of the project, it seemed to be a challenging project. However, I was confident I could deliver the project successfully. I was responsible for monitoring the workflow and cost of the project. I managed a team of engineers working on the project. I had worked on the development of the IFC package for the project. The IFC package included the project plan, cost estimation and evaluation plan, schedule construction drawing, the procedures and the instrumentation datasheets for the project. It also included the construction permits from various sectors and the management of the corresponding memo of the project.

CE 1.2.4

I performed this project as a planning and project control engineer in XXX Power Plant under the planning department lead by Mr X. The organizational structure which followed during this project is shown below:

CE 1.2.5

During the work period in XXX Power Plant, I was mainly in charge of controlling project and planning. To optimize my efficiency, I reviewed the entire project from start to the endpoint and based on my review of the list of deliverables, I did the following works and took responsibility for the entire mentioned works to help with the project progress:

  • I created the plan into MS Project software for allocation of tasks to different departments such as Process and Control, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation, Civil and Safety departments
  • I scheduled meetings with the project management team to update the progress of the project work
  • I managed the project workflow and project documentation along with the allocation of the project cost to all project activities
  • I prepared the notes based on conducted meeting and documented them into a final report
  • I uploaded the final project documentation on the Company official portal

CE 1.3.1

The main purpose of the project was to develop the workflow and cost estimation of the project. I developed the IFC package for the project which provided insight regarding the gas units in the plant. The project aimed at effective measures for the use of gas plant units in the organization. I also created an action plan for each department to follow, in which all the responsibilities of the workers were pointed out.

CE 1.3.2

I showed my abilities throughout the project by providing creative solutions to overcome various obstacles. Even though this particular project was a challenging one, I was well equipped with the required knowledge and skills which I gathered over the years from my university courses as well as work career. I also found that the courses such as Project Control, Engineering Economy, Management Theory, training PMBOK and P6 were great tools to assist me in delivering the project successfully. I also researched on the working topics on the internet to find innovative ideas to implement into the project.

CE 1.3.3

During the initial state, I reviewed all the project documents and the contract to understand the necessary requirements for the project. I then laid the objectives and goals which were to be finalized which consisted of all the tasks for the completion of the project. I even considered the budget of the project and reworked on the deadline in order to provide the best quality work to the client. I developed my project timeline in Microsoft Project software with the precise allocation of the project task to specific people of the project and then successfully controlled the project team members in their project tasks and followed up with all the updates with on-time delivery to the supervisor.

CE 1.3.4

In order to keep track of the project changes and to effectively manage the weekly, and monthly meetings, and keep the record of MEMOs, I created standard fillable forms in Excel, Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader, and distributed them among the teams to gather the reports. I managed to eliminate a lot of rework and saving valuable time for the project management department. After coordinating with my supervisor, I deputized the control project team members with dedicated tasks and followed up with them for updates, and on-time delivery.

CE 1.3.5

As I took responsibility for delivering the project documents to the company’s portal, I monitored the work very closely. I also noticed that we were behind on the instrumentation datasheets, drawings, and vendor cut sheets which consisted of many technical calculations involved that were being discussed with the valve, and transmitter vendors for the gas and water units. I arranged a meeting with Instrumentation department and revised the project plan and estimation so the delay would be compensated. I managed to coordinate with the Instrumentation department successfully, and made sure that all the documents were according to the standards and submitted to the portal accordingly.

CE 1.3.6

One of the challenging tasks in this project was that, due to various technical and managerial standards involved, there were multiple revisions, and iterations inevitable for each document which created extra work for management to review them before proceeding. I also noticed that there were minor discrepancies in the deliverables ranging from sharing the wrong revision to format changes. In addition to this, I found that no track sheet was present in the documentation file and there was no process of tracking of the work progress of the project.

I decided to create a specific project delivery procedure, and hold two training sessions for the departments to make sure they are completely aware of the process, and the error is minimized. In addition, I created a change track sheet to be included on the second page of each document deliverable after the cover sheet. Then with the help of track changeability in the Word program, I created a macro that would create a checkmark on the change track sheet for each page with the change implemented automatically. The new revision would be automatically created, and the project number, format, cover sheet, and all the other parts were pre-filled, and I locked these files so the users couldn’t change them due to mistake. This problem was a serious challenge that after this creative solution, it was resolved completely.

CE 1.3.7

I implemented the document numbering system for the transmittals. For this, I made use of excel formulas for creating a list of the numbers according to the deliverables. I then uploaded the file to the online portal of the company for the management to review the work. After the approval, I worked on the development of the IFC package according to the requirements. I also coordinated the project and ensured that all project objectives are meeting with the client’s requirements.

CE 1.3.8

I arranged regular meetings with my supervisors to review the list of deliverables and the activities that I was to perform the project. I also consulted with my colleagues and my seniors to increase the quality of my project. I found that teamwork is an essential element in this project, and without the help of my team members, I was not able to deliver the best outcome. I tried to give credit to my team whenever possible. I used my project planning, and engineering skills to solve the project problems creatively. With my planning skills, I had revised the progress report multiple times and was able to complete the deliverables within the dedicated time and budget.

CE 1.4.1

I had found this project to be very useful for my career as I was able to learn a lot of things during the timeline of the project. I was able to utilize my project management skills and my experience in such a large project and helped me to understand the working of the project easily. I was able to complete the work within the designated deadline along with the project being within the budget. I successfully delivered the project on time and on budget according to our objectives set at the beginning of the project. I was able to review the project documents and consistently scheduled meetings with different departments to keep everyone involved updated. I established a strong way to deliver the documents to the portal which improved our efficiency. Overall, the management was very happy with the outcome, and as a result, I was referred to other projects. I found this project one of the best ones I did in my career.

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