How to write a Relationship Statement for your Partner Visa?

How to Create a Relationship Statement for your Partner Visa

Applying for a partner visa is a complicated process, made much more difficult because the partner visa has the highest denial rate (37%) of all Australian visas. But it does not slow down the rates moving Australia for various reasons.

A vital component of your partner’s visa application is the relationship statement. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with the case officer and explain the nature of your relationship, and we encourage you to do so.

The visa and sponsor applicants must write relationship statements under the Australian Partner Visa program. This article will go over how to write partner visa relationship statements.

The following are the two main goals of your statements:

  • First, explain the nature of your relationship, how you met, and the timeline of important dates in the growth of your connection.
  • Second, fill in the gaps in your evidence, explain any discrepancies, and put your evidence into context.

Each statement should be between two and three pages in length. This statement’s main objective is to demonstrate that you have a genuine and ongoing relationship. This is a vital moment for you to explain your connection to the case officer in your own words and show that it is accurate. As a result, it’s worthwhile to edit and review it to ensure that the assertion is as powerful as feasible.

If you use a Registered Migration Agent to manage and lodge your application, they can provide you with samples or templates demonstrating how the document should be structured.

Tips for writing an Effective Relationship Statement for your Partner Visa

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1. Do not be ashamed.

Describe how and when you met and the precise date your relationship began. Tell the case officer how your relationship has progressed. Did you start as friends? Before you got together, how long had you known each other? 

Make this section as descriptive as possible, and explain how you went from a casual or friendship relationship to a serious commitment. Don’t be afraid to detail what drew you to your spouse and how you felt when you first met them. Putting everything on paper can be weird, but it’s all part of the process.

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2. Run spell check

Print and proofread your statement multiple times to guarantee correct spelling and punctuation. It would be beneficial if you tried to spell essential places and people’s names correctly, and your partner’s and family’s names must be spelled correctly. Before you finalize the statement, we recommend discussing it with a family member or close friend.

3. Explain separations

Have you ever been apart for an extended amount of time? Explain how and how often you communicated. Did you communicate via phone calls and text messages frequently? Did you utilize texting apps or emails to communicate? Have you taken any vacations on your own? How did you stay in touch throughout that time if that was the case? It’s critical to put some information here because your case officer will scrutinize your separation times.

4. Explain how it developed.

Describe how your relationship progressed and grew more serious. Is there anything noteworthy that happened? Maybe your lover was there for you during a difficult moment or did something special to show their love. Give the case officer information about the progression of your relationship and when your partner was first introduced to friends and family.

5. Describe day-to-day life

You should also use the statement to show the kind of household you and your partner share. This criterion looks at how your family has been run since you started co-living. You can specify who performs the cooking and cleaning, how other home chores are divided, and how your financial arrangements sustain your household.

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6. Mention hobbies

You should also discuss your recreational interests and what you like doing together. This should include any vacations and activities you do together (internet gaming, family outings, hiking). Use this statement to elaborate on the recreational activities you and your partner love doing together. 

7. Talk about your finances

Your financial statement should also detail how you and your partner handle and manage your finances. This is especially important if you still need to share your bank accounts. Your budget should include financial obligations such as auto payments, shopping, rent, and credit card payments. But, in addition to the issues, you should discuss your relationship contrasts.

8. Mention your plans for the future.

mention future plans

You must prove that your connection is genuine and ongoing and that you want to spend your entire life with your partner. Use the statement to list your upcoming plans, such as vacation reservations or large purchases. You can also discuss your future intentions, such as having children or getting married. You can also outline your plans to save for a house or make other significant purchases together.

9. Bring your colleagues on it.

It’s time to get out those old wedding invitations and Christmas cards collecting dust in the back of a drawer. Being invited to gatherings demonstrates that your family and friends value your relationship. Use your partner visa relationship statements to indicate where and when you were asked and whether or not you attended. 

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10. Make sure your dates are correct.

Make sure your statement is laced with accurate dates to illustrate the length of your relationship. Remind the reader how long you’ve been together. Be sure to include critical dates like when you first started cohabiting, anniversary dates, and other significant anniversaries to you as a pair.

Before adding further depth, we recommend you prepare a preliminary statement draft using bullet points. It also helps many candidates to create a timeline and clarify it with their partners before crafting the relationship declaration. The applicant’s and sponsor’s statements mustn’t contain any material contradicting each other. 

Finally, double-check your partner statement dates and timeline of events, so take your time to get it correctly.

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