COVID-19 and its effect on Australia Immigration


Engineers Australia about COVID-19

According to Engineers Australia, their events and training services may have moved online, due to Novel Corona. Still, all other Engineers Australia services – including Chartered assessments – continue and Their team remains on duty and contactable, even if many of them are working remotely.

Engineers Australia is the assigned expert for evaluating abilities and skills identified with engineering occupations in Australia. Australia’s Engineers work with the Department of Home Affairs, migration agents, and international organizations to develop streamlined migration skills assessment procedures for engineers.

COVID-19 effect on Australia Immigration

Chief executive officer of Engineers Australia, Bronwyn Evans, says engineers will play a key role in building resilience during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Consistently, we help many engineers in and outside of Australia accomplish their objectives. Regardless of whether you are a remote understudy who needs evaluation for another visa or a talented architect looking for another life in our delightful nation, we can support you.

Engineers Australia will serve you with care and uprightness. Our expert guarantees that your education, experience, and training will be investigated with consideration and understanding of what you deserve.

The government released new legislation declaring the Coronavirus Pandemic an Event under the 408 visa requirements. In classifying this emergency as an “Event,” it falls under the Government’s initial Event stream of the visa. There is no need for any sponsorship documents in order to apply. The application is also free!

As per Engineers Australia, the profession’s peak body, we have around 100,000 members, and we stand ready to harness that network and our members’ expertise to help as the Australian community comes together to face the challenges of COVID-19 in the coming months. Keep your engineering skills up to date with the latest technical presentations from industry leaders.

ACS Team Announcement (Novel coronavirus COVID-19)

The ACS Migration Skills Assessment Team announced to applicants and migration agents that they had robust business continuity plans in place during this virus-spreading time, COVID-19.

All of their systems and processes are functioning as per usual, and ACS encourages you to continue to submit migration skills assessment applications.

ACS also said that the current disastrous situation may adversely impact applicants and again wants to assure applicants that our client administration channels through telephone and email are working as would be expected.

Due to COVID-19, the government announced temporary changes for temporary visa holders on April 4, 2020.

Temporary Visa Holders – COVID – 19 recent announcement

Temporary visa holders are ‘very significant to the Australian economy and lifestyle’ as expressed by the Acting Minister of Immigration Alan Tudge. The Department of Immigration keeps on guaranteeing, procedure, and award visa applications including employer-sponsored visas.

The Department has not decided to remove any visa holder as a result of the COVID19 crisis.

There are no changes to visa requirements. Applicants currently offshore will be able to enter Australia as soon as travel restrictions are lifted unless an exemption applies, i.e. for health care workers and family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents.

Message from the ACS President and CEO

16th March 2020

ACS Members, Customers and Stakeholders

I wanted to provide an update to all members on further precautions and actions being undertaken in light of new developments in response to the changing situation of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation.

ACS announced on 16th March that we saw two important areas where we felt we could contribute to flattening the infection curve and spreading of the virus:

  1. To limit the potential for the virus to spread so that the most vulnerable in our communities have the best access to Australia’s world-leading health system; and
  2. To support small to medium businesses with advice that optimizes working from home arrangements across all industries to minimize contagion and protect Australian jobs.

This meant that as of the close of business that same day, Monday 16th March through to the end of Easter Tuesday 14th April, ACS announced to members that we would be:

  1. Closing all our Technology and Innovation Hubs in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane to all members and visitors; and
  2. Canceling planned ACS physical events for members and guests through until Easter, with further information is being worked through for virtual events to continue.

We have continued to monitor the situation and update our advice and response as required. This has included testing of ACS’s business continuity plans with ACS staff testing working from home arrangements and evaluation and assessment of these arrangements.

As you’re aware, since then the Australian Government and State and Territory Governments have announced further measures. ACS has updated our response by:

  1. Having ACS staff work from home from Friday 20th March and closing the Technology and Innovation Hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and ACS Offices in Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra;
  2. Cancelling all events until 30th June and developing a weekly virtual professional development series until 30th June;
  3. Assessing all major events planned until 31st December, making alternative arrangements to reschedule these in the first half of the 2021 calendar year; and
  4. Accelerating the development of high-impact initiatives, products, and services that will help ACS members during this uncertain and difficult time.  In the short term these will be designed to provide our members with some immediate relief and in the longer term to assist ACS members to be recognized as the economy begins to recover.

We remain committed to ensuring that we do our part to ensure the current Australian COVID-19 trend flattens but also to delivering value for ACS members. ACS will continue to monitor the situation and update our advice and our response as appropriate.

In the coming days, ACS will be making a series of announcements of new initiatives products and services for our members.

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