8 CDR Report writing mistakes commonly omitted by Engineers for their EA skill assessment

CDR report writing mistakes omitted by Engineers

In this blog, we will discuss the common CDR report writing mistakes that can hinder your chances of getting a positive assessment from Engineers Australia.

Engineers who want to immigrate to Australia must undergo the EA Skill Assessment, which evaluates their educational background, professional experience, and other factors. It is a crucial step for engineers who want to work in their industry in Australia and is necessary for many different types of visas.The CDR report writing is one of the key elements of the EA Skill Assessment. A CDR report is a comprehensive document that highlights a candidate’s engineering expertise.

A CDR is a compilation of documents that indicate an engineer’s qualifications, abilities, experience, and competence. To work as a skilled engineer in Australia, you must first pass Engineers Australia’s Skills Assessment Test. Hundreds of applications are rejected each year owing to minor mistakes in CDR authoring. Minor mistakes can result in a poor evaluation conclusion; candidates were banned for a year in a few circumstances.

Engineers Australia requires a Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) to assess your ability and competency. Candidates must also present a higher grade CDR report to Engineers Australia authorities to demonstrate their abilities in their chosen competent area. Regardless of whether you are qualified to pass, making frequent errors while writing a cdr is unavoidable. Furthermore, these mistakes may harm your prospects of a successful job. It is quite common for CDRs to be rejected if they are not correctly prepared. If you are very concerned that your CDR report will be rejected, you should read the following points for what might go wrong.

You can also read the migration skill assessment (MSA) booklets to properly understand what goes inside a CDR Report. It will help you figure out the basic format, and you can have some idea by reviewing all the guidelines. You can always opt for CDR writers if you don’t want rejections to your CDR Report. Here are some of the reasons that newbies commonly omit while CDR Writing. 

CDR Report writing mistakes

Copied content from the internet 

Copying CDR reports might jeopardize your application for the Skills Assessment Test. Authorities are knowledgeable and skilled at their jobs, and they maintain such criteria to evaluate your application. They will quickly realize that the information is not original and distinctive. This is how you lower your odds of passing the skills assessment test. It is quite simple to duplicate material for your CDR. However, it is not relevant or legitimate, according to Engineers Australia officials. Copied content is easily detectable. If plagiarized content is discovered, it will be considered a breach of their ethics. You might potentially face a year’s suspension, and then it will be extremely tough for you to reappear.

English language proficiency

English language proficiency is required to pass a skills assessment exam. Your CDR’s content should be written fully in English, with no errors or omissions. Your CDR’s language displays your knowledge of written communication.

The idea is to avoid grammatical faults and write in simple language so that the reader can understand. Grammar mistakes will reduce your chances of passing the skills assessment test.

 Format and structure

Engineers Australia has written proper rules on their ‘MSA Booklet.’ All criteria, format, and structure are given in this handbook for the CDR writer to follow, and it contains all of the information you need to know before creating a CDR. There is a chance your application will be denied even if you have the finest material, abilities, or experience. You should use the right numbering for paragraphs, such as 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3. There must be three career episodes with a word and paragraph restriction. A CDR should be between 1000 and 2500 words long.

False information

Avoid utilizing false content such as counterfeit projects, credentials, experience, or any other sort of phoney information to enhance your chances of passing the test. This is a violation of the rules, and your application will be refused, and action was taken against you if it is shown to be untrue.

The most important piece of advice is to avoid using any facts that you would be unable to back up if questioned. The majority of submissions are denied owing to fake CDR projects. Also, include your position in the initiatives in which you have participated. Don’t use phrases like “we did” or “we discovered.” This should demonstrate your work, not what your teammates did. 

Taking content from someone else’s CDR

This is the most common mistake people make. Even though your colleague had a good assessment score, this does not ensure that you will have the same outcomes. If comparable content is discovered, your application will be routed directly to rejections and plagiarized content.

It is not permissible to copy the content. Engineers Australia will be able to spot duplicated content with ease. They have software and data for all of the reports they receive and process. As a result, there is no way for you to clear with duplicated information. They are quite strict about CDR Report plagiarism and anything that violates company policies.

 Divide one Career Episodes into two parts

Applicants make this common error when preparing Career Episodes. They typically provide a comparable project in two pieces, with each piece shown in a separate Career Episode. In any event, Engineers Australia requires that you detail one full project in each Career Episode. This is one of the reasons why many engineers looking for work in Australia use CDR writing services to present a stellar report.

Using a language other than English 

It is required that you complete your CDR papers fully in Australian English. It is frequently appreciated in this instance if you utilize proper Australian English. You must translate your paper to English if you presented your Career Episodes in a language other than English. Otherwise, EA will most likely be unable to analyze your CDR papers appropriately. If English isn’t your strong suit, you might hire professional CDR writers to help you.

Grammatical, Punctuation, and Spelling errors 

When you hand over your CDR report to the EA, you deliver a formal document that a professional should have created. As a result, you must pay great attention to your CEs’ formatting, spelling and grammar, and sentence flow. Also, ensure no spelling or grammatical errors, formatting problems, or sentence flow concerns in this area, which is frequently overlooked resulting as a  CDR Report writing mistakes made often.


 Some individuals have a tendency to overstate their competencies, which is the common CDR report writing mistakes and might result in the CDR report being rejected. It’s crucial to be truthful and give precise facts. Engineers Australia has a strict evaluation process that includes assessing the applicant’s abilities and background. Exaggeration compromises the CDR’s integrity and is easily identified during the assessment, which results in a rejection.

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