NER Work Experiences statement for Australia

NER Work Experiences statement

NER National Engineering Register, Which is nothing but the registration framework introduced by Engineers Australia. NER is also called the register of national engineers.

Some below points must be noted while writing the NER statement

  • The work experience statement must be written in chronological order
  • Recent and relevant experience matching with the required skills must be presented first for gaining the attention
  • The area of practice must have at least 5 years of experience
  • Role critical achievements and responsibilities should be essentially mentioned.
  • You can mention the past positions in short if the work experience is being too lengthy to portray properly.

What should you include for each position you have held for the past 7 years?

  • Start and finish of each position and position title
  • Employer name, address and location
  • Short description of the responsibility played and duties required for the role
  • Critical achievements

Key achievements 

Key achievements are the skills, Tasks and knowledge gathered through the job role

What is included in Key achievements?

  • The situation, the problem faced, opportunities gathered
  • System project tasks or the role you have worked for
  • Quality improvements and your contribution to that

Specialist skills and knowledge 

  • Critical actions are taken to tackle any situation
  • Any instance of creativity and innovation
  • Outcomes achieved

Professional reference details

You should mention at least two professional references as Engineers Australia might need to contact them for any form of clarifications and to test the work experience statements References:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in your field of practice and must have an engineering degree.
  • Can be your mentor, anyone in a supervisory position, senior colleagues or engineering clients
  • They should have known you for a minimum of 12 months
  • One referee should be from the current workplace
  • Another referee may be from the current workplace if you have been at the current workplace for more than 5 years
  • If you have changed your working place recently, another referee can be from a previous employer, where the primary constitution is that you must have worked there for at least 5 years.
  • The referee can also be from an external scenario, but not merely a friend or family member.

Registration and application fees of NER

  • Including registration on NER for the remainder of the current membership subscription year, EA Members pay the price of AU$335.50.
  • Non-members pay an assessment fee of AU of $555.50. Which provides for listing on the NER for the remainder of the current financial year. After the completion of that year, the fee of AU$166 will apply.
  • An assessment fee of GST private of AU$305 is paid by the non-members of over area with provision of NER listing consulting present year of financial i:e June 30.
  • NER renewal fee is charged at AU$97 including GST annually.
  • The chartered assessment fee of the EA members is charged similar to the subscription charged for the entire year.

Who is eligible to get their registration to the NER?

  • Chartered members of Engineers Australia in each occupational category of Engineers.
  • Members of Engineers Australia in each occupational role.
  • Non-EA members Who have relevant experience in their field of practice for 5 years.

CDRWritersAustralia has the best NER statement writers who are having good knowledge, skills and competencies. Points to consider while writing NER work experience:

  • Chronological orderly writing of statement of work experience
  • The expectation of relevant and recent experience
  • Practice areas must constitute an experience of a minimum of five years of experience in engineering.

If there is any sort of confusion regarding the writing of a statement of work experience, There are provisions for experience statements of work, for example, NER. In writing your key achievements, you may find the SBO model useful.

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