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    CDR Sample

    Mining Engineering: ANZSCO 233611

    Mining engineers offer help to and oversee mining activities, make gauges for mining ventures, plan mines, and help with mining gear choice. They are principally recruited by mining organizations and aggregates to work all day shifts, generally during daytime business hours. Mining engineers eventually report to mining tasks directors and work autonomously with insignificant oversight, yet in addition, work inside a cooperation dynamic. They now work inside office conditions, yet often travel to different industry occasions and mining locales, and may go for stretched out timeframes to finish their obligations.
    cdr sample mining engineers

    Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) Sample for Mining Engineers

    The Competency Demonstration Report Sample for Mining Engineer includes all the necessary reports such as Three Career Episodes, Continuing Professional Development, Summary Statement and Curriculum Vitae. The Content of the Sample is as follow

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    Curriculum Vitae

    Resume based on a professional template.

    Continuing Professional Development Sample

    CPD Sample clearly explains the author’s Engineering Knowledge- 1000 words.

    Mining Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 1

    “Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing”- 2100 words.

    Mining Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 2

    “Sustainability Analysis of Copper Extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods”-2000 words.

    Mining Engineer Career Episode Report Sample – 3

    “Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction”- 2000 words.

    Mining Engineer Summary Statement Sample

    Detail explanation of all the competency element- 1000 words.

    Mining Engineer Career Episode Report Samples

    The career episode must be written on your own based on your recent work experience and must be in the English language. Each career episode should highlight the problems faced in your project and the steps taken to overcome them. It would be best if you numbered each paragraph of your career episodes as `` Career episode 1 (paragraphs 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, etc.) ``. The primary four components are as follows:

    Project Name: Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing

    In first career episode, the author describes the project he did when he was studying Bachelor degree in Mining Engineering. The project’s name was “Advanced Mining Seismicity Processing”. The responsibilities of the author were:

    • To preliminary Research Ground Monitoring
    • To apply Advanced Event Detection, Location and Magnitude Estimation Methods
    • To testing and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of each method
    • To address the potential for causing induced seismicity events through the application of computing techniques for data mining, discovery, integration and analysis
    • Access and combine data and tools to evaluate correlations and spatiotemporal trends

    Project Name: Sustainability Analysis of Copper Extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods

    In second Career Episode, the author explains the engineering skills he used in the project submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. His duties and responsibilities in the project “Sustainability Analysis of Copper Extraction and Processing Using LCA Methods” were:

    • To develop a complete LCA framework for the “cradle-to-gate” assessment of alternative copper exploitation and production technologies
    • To develop a comprehensive and quantitative Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) database
    • To compare copper production technologies in terms of LCA, waste production and water resource consumption
    • To identify opportunities which can reduce environmental impacts and wastes produced, and improve water efficiency in a life-cycle perspective
    • To enable the Monte Carlo based sensitivity analysis, in order to assess the effect of data and modelling uncertainty and variability on the calculated impact indicator results

    Project Name: Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction

    In third Career Episode, the author demonstrates his technical skills he used to complete the project he was involved in as an assignment project during his university study. The project was “Application of Treated Oil Sands Drill Cuttings Waste in Micropiles Construction ”. The key responsibility of the writer was:

    • To investigate the physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of treated oil sand wastes (TOSW)
    • To study the effect of treated oil sand wastes (TOSW) addition on fresh properties of grout used in the installation of hollow bar micropiles
    • To investigate the effect of the treated waste on the percentage of heavy materials leached from the tested grout mixtures
    • To investigate the load transfer mechanism of hollow bar micropiles under axial compression load, and asses load distribution of micropiles due to axial load
    • To examine the interface properties between the grout body of hollow bar micropiles and the surrounded soil, and asses effect of treated oil sand waste on the surface properties of hollow bar micropiles

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